This morning at about 9.30 - two cycle police near the western end. I didn't see any speed measuring equipment, but I think they were checking for H-wearing (I later passed one H-less person walking her bike across the bridge). I haven't seen them there before - wonder if this is a one-off or if we can expect them there more regularly.

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My first thought was - is it their version of what we call "Mardi Gras"?
There was a massive rotary club bash on in Hyde park /maquarie street, there was road closures and stuff and i would guess that the bicycle police were out and about for that.

They may have just been riding around looking for something to do in the earlier parts of the day.

Yeah the bicycle police were out and about on Macquarie St for the parade yesterday. Looks like they have new bikes too since the Pope.

Now has anyone actually ever seen a bicycle police person NOT riding on the footpath? I can honestly say I have never seen them actually riding on the road!

Is this because they are all about chasing pedestrians?
I did see three of them trying out the southern section of the college street cycleway, next to hyde park.
It looks mostly finished except for a new layer of bitumen and bike logos painted.
I saw a lone cycle-cop on the airport shared path along the canal at half six last night. He looked a little lonely and lost. Maybe AFP?
Last time i had a chat to the bicycle police about what they normally get up to it had a lot to more to do with "pedestrians" this was in Adelaide but they told me that they'd spend a lot of time cycling around in the later hours of the night/wee hours of the morning making sure homeless people get through the night ok, picking up needles, dealing with drunken disordelies and doing quick responses. Lots of drug/alcohol abuse, domestics etc.

Not a very glamorous job most of the time.
Its not worth targetting cyclists because they normally just end up hurting themselves anyway.
that "infamous shop" in Stanmore has Airzound on spec' for $35, internet shop only.

Absolutley no affilliation with shop or it's business
I asked some PoB why they were riding on the footpath one day and they said "its too dangerous on the road". Usually nice people, or the ones I have met, except when they are chasing someone the wrong way up a bike lane and everyone has to scatter.


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