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That's great Bob. As it turned out Canberra did become bike friendly.

and courtesy of Mr OR_, from

In the Herald: April 9, 1975

a rally in Sydney in 1975

"About 800 cyclists gathered at the Opera House steps yesterday in protest against lack of facilities for cyclists in Sydney. They presented petitions to the Minister for Culture, Sport and Recreation, Mr Barraclough. Calling themselves the Cyclist Action Group, they want Centennial Park closed to motor traffic at weekends, cycle ways built along major roads and a program to publicise the rights of cyclists on roads."

Must be a photo somewhere.

No photo so far but this in Honi Soit, (Sydney Uni paper),  March 1975 issue

(got a couple of good Petty cartoons too)

Whats On

WED., 12th MARCH
9.30am Central Court, Liverpool St. Demo in
support of people arrested at Fig St. AntiExpressway
Demonstration (Hearing set
down, for TO.OOam).
4.30pm Save Public Transport Deputation
meets Transport Minister Fife at Parliament
House. Macquarie St. Lobby outside
THU., 13th MARCH
9.30am Central Court — Fig St Hearings
Dpmo (com.).
Friday 14th March;
10.30 am —'12.30 pin: AUSFS Insurance
is here "— Household. All Risks, and Life Insurance
at cheap rates. Information from JeK
Hsyler, the AUS Services Vice President,
who'll bo at the SRC Front Office today. In
Level One. Wentworth.
1 pm — 2 pm: Jeff Haylor from AUS will
speak on Travel. Services and the Union. Any
gripes about AUS. or queries etc particularly if
you want to travel next Summer come to
Carslaw 10.
9.00am Bicycle Clinic — Oatley Park (Hurstville
Municipality). Learn to ride your bike
better, help from experts with reports.
FORU M on current economi c and
ecological exploitation. Topics: UNDERDEVELOPMENT
$I.(X) student. Sunday, March 16, lOam4.30pm.
INFO: 660-0960.
•MON, 17th MARCH
5.30pm Save Public Transport Committee
Meeting, NSW Environment Centre,
• Require confirmation of date ana place.
7.30pm Cyclist Action Group Meeting. NSW
Environment Centre. Broadway.
ir Radical-Ecology Conference (Easter Friday
— Easter Monday) in drawing closer. (See
last Honi for an article on the R.E.C.) People intending
to go should register very soon, as
there is a quota on the number of people from
each state. Registration forms can be obtained
from the front counter of the S.R.C., or the
N.S.W. Environment Centre. 263B Broadway.
Typewriter, new Royal portable, $55 Ph 78-
1566 or 55-7268
12 00 noon, Centennial Park. Picnic and Bicycle
Rally. Signs will lead from park gates to
picnic site. Ride to Operà House at 2.
Watch notice boards for proposed action on
possible bus and train fare rises.
If you care about transport, please attend as
many activities as possible.
For further info contact Allen Sarrenson (61-
3993 during bus. hours), A, Fule, 28 Nithsdale
St. Sydney, or me at home on 95-5731 — Don
(SRC Transport Campaigns Organiser)
"The Coming Ready or Not Show" broadcasting
from the new ABC Womens Unit.
Saturdays. 2FC. 5-6pm.
Anti-Expressway Action Group meets every
second Sunday. 1 lam. Methodist Church Hall
Toxteth Rd.. Glebe.
Supporters or me NSW BLF meet every second
Monday, Room 75. Trades Hall, 7.30pm.

struggle against urban expressways. Central
Court, 9.30 am, March 12 & 13.

from issue 8 of Honi Soit 14/4/75

seems there was a follow up ride the next Friday.

"What we need is something to take
our young people out of the bedrooms
and back on the streets."

At Centennial Park Photo: David Dahl.

About six-hundred bike-freaks
rolled together last Sunday in
Centennial Park to prove pedal
pushing is the transport of the
future. (If the Lord had intended
us to self propel he wouldn't
have given us Holdens. What
about back-seats.)
A determined non-athlete I came
for pictures of the bikey-types;
racers, uni students, street people,
children riding their bike-types;
ranging from $300 imported
Italian frames through tandems,
dragsters and an unlikely miniversion
not quite 60 cm. off the
Also I was hoping for some snaps
of the decorative, long, brownlegged
types who feature in this
My luck hasn't changed. Most of
my time was taken up with a
discussion with the President (?)
of the Eastern Suburbs Club on
the politics of park riding. While
bicycles must give way to horses
(an analogy with motor giving
way to sail?) they do have equal
rights with automobiles. Many
irresponsible motorists ignore
this. Despite a 30 k.p.h. limit
(or because it is rarely enforced)
Centennial Park has become a
racetrack, a shortcut dodging
two traffic lights down to Anzac
Parade. On race-days cars are
left two abreast in a parking lot
50(5 cheaper than the one set
aside, (free).
On those days-IT IS SAFE R
Regular riders want to close all
gates but one—leaving only one
entrance and exit to the Park.
Predictably the Ministry of
Agriculture is uninterested. There
is too much paper work for the
Police to be concerned about a
few bruised bike riders.
David Dahi
The cyclists in a delegation to the
State Minister for Culture and Recreation
Harraclough want an escort
of as many cyclists as possible,
leaving cnr. Broadway and
Glebe Point Rd for the city,
Friday April 18, 10.30 a.m.

Wow, imported frames costing $300!!

Come to think of it, the bikes at K-Mart are imported and they’re cheaper ...

Sounds about the time that NCM was formed with all of those long haired radicals !

Pretty amazing they got 800 people out for the Opera House rally. The students were a lot more activist back then I guess. I was backpacking in Europe in 75, wasn't really into bikes then.


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