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"Will be...licensed as an industry standard". Is that likely?

Advanced warning could be very useful on narrow country roads or through RNP etc to alert motorists you are ahead.

Would it have saved those cyclists on SouthernCross Drive?

No. The driver still has to care OR failing that be staring down serious prison time so they are forced to care.

Then we need to deal with skills and knowledge. Annual testing and professional driver training regardless of age should go a long way to sorting that out.

None of this is hard but no one in a position to do so is seriously interested in lowering the road toll or making roads safe.


Autonomous cars that require transmitted electronic presences to detect other things on the road have no place there.

I already have 2 devices run by batteries that serve as perfectly reasonable electronic detection aids.  Taillight and headlight, and I can see when either of them is not working properly.

Pedestrians have neither, can still be expected to walk along or cross roads, its autonomous car makers job to make them detect toddler scale human entities reliably.

The technology seems to be for cars with drivers at first, no mention of autonomous, but that aside I still reckon it could be useful on certain winding or cresty roads.

reminds me of the Cootamundra-area cyclist activated lights. Commenters are split on the issue

Sounds like it is a workaround for autonomous vehicles and their interactions with pedestrians and cyclists.  Noted it also referenced bollards and so on.  I've wondered how they will deal with ongouing roadworks for example.  The stop/go sign holder as an example.


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