Bicycle Victoria comes out fighting for the Dulwich Hill Bike Route

Bicycle Victoria has released a media release and submission in support of the Dulwich Hill to CBD bike route and that it should take precedence over the light rail. They propose sections of the light rail should be single track to allow the bike route to proceed.


They have asked my bike group for their support.  Its somewhat out of our territory.  I'm interested in your opinions.


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out of your territory compared to.....Victoria?
As usual BNSW won't put its head above the parapet! Why do people belong?
Personal liability insurance.
You might not need it as you may already be covered through your house & building contents policy. Have a squiz here.
+1, that's the only reason I have it. They are no good for anything else.

Dabba's link looks worth a gander before renewal time though......
BNSW do provide support in the way of PL insurance for BUGs. BV dumped the Victorian BUGs many years ago.
The BUGs need this insurance to run rides, have stalls in festivals, rent meeting rooms etc. Somthing that it not affordable by 99% of BUGs
There is also a Personal Accident component to the cover you get from BNSW membership. As I have said on this site before, the identical insurance that you get from BNSW membership is available with Pedal Power membership which includes subscription to Canberra Cyclist magazine (which I always find interesting and informative). Pedal Power is $60 for an individual or $100 for a family (cheaper than BNSW).

See here.
The proposal raises several questions:

Firstly, why is BV involved in fighting Sydney's battles? I would say that BNSW or the local BUGs are the only ones who should be determining (and advocating for) what the people in these areas want. Who has provided all the diagrams and proposals and why aren't they being represented by local advocacy groups? If the local advocacy groups did not agree with this proposal, then it shouldn't be put forward by a cycling body in another state. What is going on here?

Secondly, while I am a keen supporter of using rail easements (in fact I'm developing a rail trail proposal myself), I don't think that asking dual-track rail lines to be single-track is even remotely sensible or likely to be supported.

Thirdly, a 900m long rail tunnel is not a safe place for a cycleway. Planners are reluctant to build anything that you can't see straight through due to safety concerns (i.e. muggers etc).
BV got an earful from BIKESydney when they said that re the cycling hub, they did not approach us or ask for our opion. AS usual BV - motto should be, my Ego Too Big for Victoria
My understanding that those statements were from an individual who didn't get the okay from the rest of BV. I think a lot of people and groups complained to BV about it and BV weren't impressed by this person.
The bigger issue is that this is becoming a repeat occurence and not a once off
One advantage of BV making comments on this issue could be the legitimizing of nation-wide interest in cycling concerns. If the concept is sound there should be no reason why interested outsiders can't make comments to encourage the growth of an idea. I like the Dulwich Hill cycle-way idea and I am happy to see fellow cyclists, in a far and distant land, also think its a neat idea. As long as national and international interests are tempered with local experience and concerns, of course.


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