BicyleNSW posted and tweeted this today :

Apparently they sent a delegation of Transport Professionals to Holland to investigate safe cycling. Nice idea. They found out pretty much what everyone already knows ... separated cycleways, safe crossings yada yada.

However, what I found interesting is the picture on Page 4 : It shows 13 delegates, only one of which chose to wear a helmet. Now, this follows another foreign visit earlier this year by the BicycleNSW people. Last time they visited Japan (cant locate the link at the moment) and, again, posted pics. Again, the BicycleNSW representative was cycling without a Helmet.

So, what's the deal?

BicyleNSW supports Mandatory Helment law in Australia, yet chooses to cycle without a helmet everywhere else in the world.

Perhaps the laws of physics work differently in the Southern Hemisphere and something that is safe in the rest of the world is suddenly unsafe in Australia?

So, I have left a comment on their Facebook page and responded to their tweet ... but so far, no reply from BicycleNSW. If others would like to dig out and respond to the tweet, or visit the facebook page, maybe we can get a reply.

Anyway, as a BicycleNSW member, I plan to pursue this with them.

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Completely agree baa baa.  You do not want BNV in NSW.  There is an excellent opportunity right now for BNSW members to get more involved by nominating for the board (see Nik, Colin and others above).

For those who might want the historical perspective just do a search for BNSW or BNSW AGM on Sydney Cyclist, more than a dozen discussions going back to 2008, might be said to be a recurring and persistent interest / concern here.

I think all summed up by one respected & prominent member in response to the question "does anyone care"

"...I wish I could say I do because I invested a major part of my working life in it... although it today bears almost no resemblance to the organisation I once knew and wished to see grow into an effective advocacy force..."

Let's hope change can happen, we bicycle riders need all the advocacy, support, protection, equity we can get and many organisations can do aspects of this in different, hopefully effective, ways.
So Bernard, Nicholas, anyone who knows, the AGM was a week or so back, any update? I looked at the BNSW website Board page but can't really tell who is new, seems like mostly old faces (maybe it has not been updated), any word on new CEO. Do I consider adding them to my cycling organisation membership collection for 2015 or not?

Turns out there were two positions elected, while two appointed positions remain for the new Board to fill. I should explain that the BNSW Board has 6 elected and 3 appointed members.  The two new Board members are both advocates for every-day cycling, I had the pleasure of meeting both of them a couple of months ago at a meeting organised by One is Sarah Stace, formerly of the Better Cities Unit (could be an out of date name) in the Federal Government, now running her own consultancy as @sara_stace and the other is from Bicycle Newcastle, but forgive my lack of notes, name escapes me.

So we have two excellent new Board members, both of whom understand that helmet laws are counterproductive. Some of the comments above on the study tour mentioned the lack of comment on helmet law, the current (and continuing) Board President was on that tour, so it will be interesting to see if the new Board can move BNSW to support reform of helmet law. I think the new Board will be focussed on saving BNSW from what appears to be a terminal decline, and the good work of the staff in revitalising the public profile (advocacy) of BNSW needs to be backed up by the Board. Getting rid of support for helmet law will help there.

Peter Lee from Newcastle Cycleways Movement was the second elected board member...


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