BIG NEWS! New Aust Post stamp issue features EMT's bike*

Well, it's almost Eleri's bike; it's a custom Baum roadie, though a different colour and with bigger wheels... I wonder if that's Darren shown riding in the photo? And how did he get the honour of his bike appearing in the issue from all the fantastic frame builders in this country?

Anyway, the important thing is that Australia Post has finally decided to do a whole stamp issue on bicycles. Without commenting on how dangerous they are (they once issued a stamp showing just a bent and broken bicycle wheel, probably to discourage cycling), without mentioning helmets, or without being negative in any way that I have detected. Almost unheard of in this day and age. My only recollection of other Australian stamp issues to feature bicycles was one of a family cycling, as part of a recreation issue, and a design on a First Day Cover, not the stamp, of a postman delivering by bicycle. No Aussie stamp has, to my knowledge, ever depicted a bicycle being used for practical purposes, like shopping, touring or commuting. This issue doesn't change that, but it's a start, I guess.

Although this issue features "classic" bikes for three of its four designs, AP acknowledges that other styles exist with their associated product issue – the "Prestige Booklet" shown below features an MTB on the front. I like that the National Postmarker is Ryde NSW. So cliché? Nah.

Now, I can hear you muttering that stamps are just so last century and that no-one uses them any more because we just don't send snail-mail. I see it as a positive, though belated, development. I have had occasions to whinge to Australia Post in decades past over their apparent policy of ignoring the existence and importance of bicycles. Once upon a time, a colleague and I submitted some designs they might care to use. They never even responded. Well, perhaps the suggestion has been in their designers' minds ever since and has finally resulted in this issue. (Yeah, I doubt it, too.)

The important thing is that, on 13 October, the decades of neglect of our favourite subject by our postal authority will end. I encourage you all to queue at your nearest post office's philatelic counter and buy a lifetime supply of these beautiful little pieces of paper, plus 1st Day Covers and all the rest. I will.


*And Ma Dame Vélo's bike as well. But does anyone else have a green Baum?

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Can you buy them online?

Not online yet but will be soon if it turns red.

Don't. Aus Post's online delivery time is s  o  o      s   l    o     w.   I'm serious.


It's enough to make me want to send a letter...

Letter posting by Australians is in "terminal and structural decline"

Read more: 

Is it any wonder when you can buy stuff from O/s and the postage is usually free for orders over $100, but if you have to return the goods it can be upwards of $18 to return even the smallest of items!

I don't think that's Darren Baum but I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

Here's a pic of Darren and one of his bikes.  

As for a green Baum, Grasshopper has one.

We have been looking forward to this too!

Great to see the bicycle get such a feature, and we are honored to be apart of this feature.

Yes, that is Darren featured in the images, although I'm sure Eleri's bike still goes faster!

Baum Team

and buy a lifetime supply 

Reminds me of a stamp-collecting story told on 702. This bloke and his inherited her father's stamp album when he died. Since about the '70s he'd religiously walked up to the local PO to buy every new release, and return home to mount them in his album, which was his investment retirement strategy. Over many years the album grew in size, however tragically he died before retiring and being able to liquidate his investment.

His daughter and son-in-law decided they weren't going to continue it, so took it to a phliatitl phalictel stamp dealer to have it valued.

"I can give you a third of face value for it" he said.

So they took it home and have been using it to post all their letters since, often with the envelopes covered in 10 $0.07 1973 agates:

But yes, buy a set of this new release, but don't do it for the investment. If you were smart with your money you wouldn't have bought those new wheels that cost you $100 per minus 10g... ;-)

That's like buying jewellery.  Try to sell it on the secondhand market and you'd be lucky to get 1/3 of your original purchase price if you bought it just before trying to sell it, and that's probably one of the reasons that jewellery is often a part of household theft insurance claims!

"I can give you a third of face value for it" he said.

... so a better investment than bikes then.

Don't forget! 

Today's the day. 

I've bought my first-day cover, stamp pack and stamp booklet.

Get yours now! If this issue is popular they might do one again in future. (Though given it's taken Aust Post 40 years to recognise that bikes are transport, I'm not holding my breath.)


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