Last week I had my nice bike with me as I got some coffee in Surry Hills. An older gent asked me if it was a Sturnley Archer internal hub and I made his day saying that it was. He rode them religiously as a young boy and was able to give me some good tips about changing gear (he says pedal back a little as you change).

Very nice to have a bicycle that makes for nice conversations with strangers. 

What great conversations have you had because of your bicycle?

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My full size Dahon folder gets peds and other cyclists talking, 'specially when I take it on the bus or train.

Around '89 I was riding my dad's old Malvern Star out Springwood Ridge to the lookout at Grose Head South. I came across a foxy looking young lady with a full backpack who was walking home from a 3 day walk along the Grose River. She thought I was nuts riding a racer out on the firetrail, and I should get one of these cool bikes you can ride in the dirt. I think she said it was called a mountain bike.

Fast forward to 1992 and I have a mountain bike. I'm heading out the same trail and who should I come across but the same broad from 3 years ago on her new mountain bike! We chatted and then went our separate ways.

Fast forward to today and I take my girls to the local National Park and lo and behold, there is the same girl from all those years ago, working for NPWS. She is still a looker, and apparently still rides a mountain bike.

How good is that.

I should add that she is the mother of my 2 girls and we've been together since not that long after the second meeting in 1992. Even though she said she liked the colour of my bike, I reckon it was my giant afro, unencumbered by a helmet that won her over.

And here I was going to call her a stalker! 

That's an awesome story!


I had a very similar experience. One afternoon I decided to take my bike home on the train as I wasn't feeling well. An old man got on (he was around 90), saw my bike and told me all about the rides he used to do when he was a kid. Like your encounter, it not only made this man's day to talk about his childhood, but it was lovely to hear him reminisce. 

Maybe they need more bikes in nursing homes!

Not so much of a conversation starter, but I have had people take photos of my bike.

My bike gets photographed quite a lot too. Over the last two years, this has encouraged image consciousness in me. That is, I feel the need to be ready for photos whenever I ride the bike. (Never mind that most of these people who take photos are complete strangers and therefore I am unlikely to ever see the photo.)

.... I have many great conversations EVERY time I ride my Velomobile in Sydney.


My Rotovelo is the Only one that is regularly 'out there'..


If I was to "stop 'n chat" with ALL that are interested in it, I'd never get to my destination.


Have you made up cards to hand out to people with the details of your Rotovelo? Might save having to repeat yourself!

I've had various people suggest that I should make cards with details of my dashboard too. There are times when I think I really should, especially after explaining it for a few times during the same event.


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