Hi All,

So I have signed up for a big Audax ride in France and need to buy a bag to take the bike. 56cm Specialized.

Am thinking of either:

1. https://www.cyclingdeal.com.au/buy/b-w-bike-travel-hard-case-11kg/9...

2. https://www.cyclingdeal.com.au/buy/b-w-bike-box-ii-bicycle-travel-b...

Anyone have any experience with either? Both seem to be highly rated. Hard case is preferred after hearing many shocking stories.

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Why don’t you just use a cardboard bike box? 

Well i wonder how this is getting transferred at airports etc, as its a carbon bike. Have a friend whose softcase was damaged twice on trips to europe so I was looking at a hardcase.

He spent a fortune getting a titanium bike which splits into two and comes with its own hard case. However, my wife will divorce me if I try something like that...

What do you do with the hard case when you get there, leave it in storage somewhere? 

Well I am travelling to Paris with my wife, who will be staying behind in Paris while I ride off for a few days. After that, when we travel elsewhere, yes I planned to put it in storage until I fly back to Paris to go back home.

You can buy a bike box at Sydney airport and also at CDG. Ride there and pack the bike there. So easy.

Many terminals and gates at CDG, not all have bike boxes I found. Long run to another gate required and a very fast pack, trying to remember Noel’s boxing video. Maybe not enough tape used, since my bike and box arrived separately back in Sydney.

Noel, Bob, I think I prefer the 'security' of a hard case. Carbon bike and all. I am happy to fly interstate with the bike boxes, but international, have heard a few bad stories. Thanks for info :)

I've a B&W bike case for the Brompton and it looks like they know what they are doing.

The only thing I note about the bigger boxes you linked is they don't have an internal anti crush bar (present in, say, the BikeBoxAlan) , but you can strategically place something similar to avoid issues if someone stood on your bikebox when it's lying on the side

I'm in the same mindset that if I invested all that time effort and $ to get to a overseas country for riding you don't really want to deal with potentially damaged equipment 

As hardcases are not light, please note the weight of these before you put in your bike and tools etc to avoid airline penalties. In addition some airlines don't deal well with the size (but that'll be the same issue with a softcase or a box)

Also they aren't the easiest thing to roll about for long distances ; ensure you have train/metro or airport buses to reasonably close to your accommodation if you aren't calling for a large taxi/van 

Lastly ; you'll need a storage for your hardcase so your trip typically has to start / end at the same city and with a hotel that has luggage storage (or a city with large luggage options) 

Enjoy your trip!

(would this 'Audax' be PBP? )

Yes thanks for info Peter, as always :) I will minimise moving the bike box, probably only going to go to our place in Paris and then back again for storage at the airport when we fly to Italy. Might have to catch a large taxi then.

Our flight return from Italy comes back with only a few hours left - meaning I cant store it outside of the airport. Or at least not far. But the storage at the airport looks expensive. 

For 10 days it seems like 174 Euro! Will have to plan out and see what I can do.



Seems like there is a self storage only a small train ride away.


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