Following received, please email Marrickvile councillors as suggested, asking for more, please.

On Tuesday night Marrickville Council will vote to adopt our 2014/15 budget. The draft budget includes only enough to build one new bike path every two years. At this rate we won’t reach Council’s 2016 bike path targets until 2039!

The Green Councillors will move for a significant increase in funding to build new bike paths at Tuesday’s Council meeting, and are asking people to show their support by sending a quick email.


Email your local Marrickville Councillors and ask them to vote for more bike funding at . Even a one line email will help!

You can also register to speak at Tuesday’s Council meeting, which will be held at 6.30pm, 24 June 2014 at 2-4 Fisher St, Petersham Administrative Centre,

For more information, including links to the Council budget papers, check out the local Greens bike campaign page at: or see the Facts and Figures below.

· The draft Marrickville Council budget includes $310,000 a year to build new bike paths. That’s 1% [edited- see comment]of the Council’s annual Capital Budget. Compare this to the City of Sydney, which allocates 10% of its annual Capital Budget for bike paths.

· After City of Sydney Marrickville Council has the largest and fastest growing number of bike commuters.

· Only 9% of the priority bike paths in Council’s Marrickville Bike Strategy 2007-2016 have been completed to date. To meet its bike path target of ten regional routes by 2016 Council would need to invest an extra $7 million.

· For more background information about Council’s bike budget and what bike paths are scheduled to be built see answers to Questions on Notice by the Greens, as available at:

Cr Sylvie Elsmore, Marrickville."

It's also budget night at Leichhardt Council, but they reckon the $400 K for bikes approved in the draft budget will get final approval, or if the LibLabs have had a change of mind there isn't much we can do about it. Email 'em anyway at asking them to hold their nerve and reminding the Lib labs they won't get your vote next time around if they go to water.

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Thanks for posting
Correction from Clr Elsmore, she says Mville only spends 1%, she is aiming to get it up to 4% of the Capital budget.

Current expenditure is about 2 coffees a year, per resident, by my calcs.

[Sent 24 June 2014 to ]

Dear Councilors

BIKESydney is urgently appealing to you to increase the funding for cycling provisioning in the 2014/15 council budget. Your decision tonight heavily informs whether cycling can contribute to your local community ...and economy.

You have seen recently the community's appetite for cycling in its expressed support for the Carrington Road cycleway.

You will no doubt be aware of the City of Sydney's expansive funding for cycling. While we don't have the expectation that Marrickville can match that level of funding, but its opting to cap its annual cycling funding to $310,000 per annum (or 1% of CapEx - well short of the City's 10%) means missing out on leveraging the City's spend. $310,000 per year equates to one cycleway every two years. Further, at this rate, you will reach your 2016 cycling goals in about 2039.

We hope that you're aware of Botany Council's plan (now being finalised with the RMS) to provide a link between the Bourke St cycleway and the Cooks River cyclepath which, once completed, will provide arguably Sydney's first truly inter-regional off-road cycling route (Strathfield to the CBD) and will "turn the tap" on commuter cycling through your council area - which already is at one of the highest levels outside the City area.

You will likely not know that a new cycling community group, Bikes Botany Bay (based just east of your LGA) was launched with overwhelming community support (25 attendees) just last night showing yet more appetite for riding in the areas surrounding you. (The launch of Bikes Botany Bay was attended and explicitly supported by local councilors, representatives from the relevant state transport agencies, surrounding council staffers, local bike groups - including Bike Marrickville - the local member for Coogee and has as its patron, Kristina Keneally. The interest and support is widespread and prodigious).

Marrickville Council is undeniably well positioned to prosper from all of these feeder initiatives because it has a very high number of points of interest (arts precincts, public parks, the Cooks River path and critically, village retail and eating strips such as Marrickville Road). Cycling will bring "eyeballs and wallets" to your villages. Please think about the long-term prosperity of your small and medium sized businesses before you truncate the cycling budget.

Of all council areas outside of the financially powerful City of Sydney area, Marrickville has the greatest financial gain awaiting it if only it would connect some of its feeder cycling routes. Council has been achieving good outcomes for cycling - we *are* seeing this, and are grateful - but we urge you to be aware of the financial benefit that will accrue from investing in cycling. As some of you know, thanks to Bike Marrickville, Marrickville (LGA) hosts one of the most iconic and popular (non-corporate) social rides in Sydney, The Chocolate (and ok, Fine Foods too) Ride. This is a community ride that takes locals to all of the "hidden gem" food outlets in your area by bike. The riders and vendors love it!  Talk to vendors - ask about the spend and repeat business. This meme captures what could be a daily phenomenon in Marrickville if only "mums and kids" felt comfortable getting to all of your wonderful shops by bike. Would YOU ride to these places? If not, what would it take to get you to ride there? (Will you join us for a joyful tour to try it out?)

We urge you to think about not what the cost is, but what is the return on investment you'll be missing out on if you don't tap into all of those riders passing through your area....

The bike budget is an opportunity to create value, not a cost. What's the financial return on your road spend?

Please increase the 2014/15 bike budget to between 2-5% of CapEx. Reap the benefit.


David Borella

bicycles and a liveable city 

Bob - David,

Do you have any targeted cycleways - infrastructure you would like to see in Marrickville? From my time in Marrickville I just remember the narrowest of busy roads. Addison - Marrickville - Victoria - Enmore - Sydenham Rds. No room for a cycleway - no way to take a lane away - full of trucks and car traffic everywhere. Im loving the Carrington Rd planned bi-directional cycleway - but its got to be linked up - all the way to Marrickville Metro through the industrial area. But there have to be links to Sydney CBD as well - I'd like a cycleway up Llewellyn and Alice and Angel to Wilson. Maybe removing all the parked cars?

I agree that the east-west roads are narrow but I think at some point the bullet will have to be bit, and at least one will have to get a separated cycleway that does away with parking on one side of the street. I would nominate Addison Rd as the local candidate, given the Addison Rd Centre hosts the very popular Marrickville Markets every weekend. It would also connect very nicely to the Greenway if that were ever built.

Illawarra Rd is ripe for a cycleway treatment, or at least some strategic road-blockings so people can't use it as a rat-run alternative to Victoria/Enmore or Wardell. It's too narrow for two-way traffic as it is.

addison could be made one way making way for a separated cycleway considering addison is duplicated in a cpouple of roads .Enmore road definitely needs treatment .Something needs to be done in Unwins Bridge Road either make a shared path with may street leading to CoS network through Sydney Park -shame frampton separated was canned due to protest ,even there it's a bit hairy to ride on the footpath due to the bakery trucks taking up the footpath.Crossing Sydenham Street needs to be sorted <I do it as a dog leg or sometimes straight ahead as your intended but it's not the nicest & one feels vulernable hanging in the lane waiting to turn .Alice street newtown needs treatment

sorry not frampton but fritzroy

It would be a nice link. Alice St  seems to be a bit of a thoroughfare, has a bus route on it, and a number of shops and businesses. Typical 12.8 m street, with narrow car door zones.   Be great if traffic was diverted elsewhere, but hard to see that happening. Maybe 40 K, with traffic calming, or a bike lane on one side, if there is an uphill direction- does it slope up to King St? All food for thought, if Marrickville puts some money and effort into new bike routes. The industrial area suffers from a lot of heavy vehicles but does have wide streets, looks like there is potential for some bike paths or protected lanes on Fitzroy St, its a little like Bourke Rd. Just dreamin though, not even my patch! 

fritzroy was suppose to be separated shot down in flames by some councillors & businesses .As the traffic engineer told me -we just dont have the money to fight like the CoS

Hi L

Probably, (one or other) access to Sydenham Station. Such would bring:

  • (some) address of the hostility of the lead-in roads;
  • address of a major impermeability (the rail line);
  • a "spine" facility that would cue other "rib" links;
  • prominence for cycling;
  • inter-modal connectedness (remember that Govt notion?... how many bikes do we need to see tied up to the handrails at Redfern Stn each day before we a layered bike parking station is delivered?...);
  • the financial support of the State Govt (key. Marrickville Council can't do it alone).

Conversely, the risk with this strategy is ...involving the State Govt (RMS)... delay, delay, delay.

true the state government needs to help especially in the regional routes since some councillors at tonights meeting took exception to getting emails from people who don't live in the area -we get lumped as the squeeky wheel (????) Honestly I dont know how advocates at the coalface deal with some dingbats that unhappily are the decision makers.Budget has been raised to about $500,000 but not before the dingbats wheeled out their particular barrels .


Props to you for fronting (or is that confronting...) Council this evening. It's efforts like yours that have created a shift. Sincerely, thank you.

A council shifting up its bike budget from $310,000 to $500,000 is no small story. We rarely get to see this. This is a terrific win for the bike community (and well, the community generally). Consider the cost-cutting and (from state level) cost-shifting political environment that we are now enduring at all levels of government.

Congratulations Marrickville Council and its progressive Councillors.

"Don't live in the area"? Shall we take our spend elsewhere? Lets ask the local shopkeepers shall we? You may wish to consider by how much cycling extends the economic catchment for local businesses. (No really, we'll wait. Draw the walking catchment around the high street shopping precinct. Now draw the CYCLING catchment. Not just how many more, but rather, what is the multiplier in the number of households that are scooped up?...)

"Don't like getting emails...". Ha ha, it's working peeps... Keep believing.


[back to the coalface...]


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