I was wondering if anybody in this forum uses a bike camera for commuting and recording acts of road rage/ aggression /stupidity. And if so, do they feel it worthwhile in buying one.

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I do, and it's both to record my rides to play back for my own enjoyment plus in the event that I might need my own "witness" to an incident. For sub-$100 purchased locally in Aus I have an HD camera that is the size of a small mobile phone that records to SD card.
Here's a link to the BNA forums where I "borrowed" the idea from forumite Nate - http://bicycles.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=19746
Nate picked up the camera for about $150 from Deals Direct but I found it for $99 at City Software.
thank you boognoss - does anybody else have any feed back
Cate , if some really fu%ked up things have happen to you because you are a women - I suggest this is not the forum for you. I suggest that you get professional help from the appropriate people.. and goodness why if all these fu%ked up things are happening to you because of your gender - why would you film it ?

and not wanting to harp on - if you were to film it -why use a camera on your head - try a tripod if its fits.
Woh Rory, bad form man. Personal attacks just aren't required.

For my part I like the idea of a camera as a witness simply because in the heat of an incident it's very hard to get someone's number plate even if you are riding in company. Also I like the idea of motorists being on their best behaviour lest they be filmed and reported.
Can we delete Rory's nastygram pls?
Martin this is not a personal attack - I ask you to read Cate's original email

Cate has used this forum as a cry for help - please be sympathetic to her needs. It takes a brave women to come out in public and say what she has said and I still don't think this is the forum

Can we stick to the question - which was - has anybody used a bike camera and successfully gone to the police with an act of road rage
Rory, the whole thing is personal and inflammatory. Personally I think you should be banned after this second one mate.
This is a forum for interested people to carry on social and cycling oriented debate, personal snipes, swipes and attacks are unwelcome.
"Cate has used this forum as a cry for help - please be sympathetic to her needs. It takes a brave women to come out in public and say what she has said and I still don't think this is the forum"

No she hasn't. And your response is vile.

Consider this your first and last warning.
If a pedestrian runs across your path, against a red light and you have an accy, there's no witnesses and they then change their statement to police... then its a good thing to have.
I'm seriously considering getting one when the budget allows. Many times at work my arse has been saved by CCTV footage, when it comes down to your word against theirs any supporting footage is a godsend. On the pushie I've had too many accidents that I should have reported but didn't because I knew it would come down to their word against mine.
I used to have a roaming WAN card and I used to helmet cam my rides all the time....

recording them was such a tedious task

A highlight was one time whilst doing the Live Cam from Earthdance in Sydney Park about 5 years ago... I was riding all switched on en-route (broadcasting) and Amsterdam loved my mono most of the way along Cleveland street ... apparently it caused quite a cheer from about 10 000 revelers in One go..
also there was that guy who cammed his altercation with that prick in a black 4WD who cut him up then off then stopped his car and assaulted him... he went to the cops with the footage and then they said "the rego was wrong and they could do nothing about it...

I know a lady who rides with a cam but I not sure if there is anything in it, and at the same time I know another who rides everywhere with one. (Bike Saint)

Also as a bike rider, a lot of fu@&ed up things happen cause I ride a bike on the road.. not cause im a a woman,,or a man for that matter. But cause I choose to ride a bike... The film I would make would only make society seem like a waste of space.

Enter Richard Dawkins speech on Selfish and Altruistic society
I am going to go to the link Boognoss posted yesterday and buy one of those cameras TODAY. Many f@*#d up things happen to me when I ride but this morning I just thought "Madame_Bike has had a gutful".

A guy driving a Holden Izuzu tray top labelled "GnT Insulation and Sheetmetal", rego GNT 004, cut me off so sharply I was looking into the top of his tray top as he swerved into my lane. I was commuting down crowded Beecroft Road and caught up to him several times after that but he wouldn't wind down his window. It didn't get him anywhere (the traffic was moving slower than I could ride), it was just f@*#ing harassment. I have phoned the business number to speak to him later this morning but so far have only got the answering service.

If I had a video recording of it, I would go to the Police and report him. I am getting one.


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