Having been hit off my bike and threatened with legal action, (long story!) I figure I must get insurance to prevent this happening again. Has anyone read all of the fine print and made an educated choice regarding which cover or had any good or bad experiences with bike insurance?


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Are you talking about your property (eg against theft) or liability (eg you hitting someone) or injury (eg you being hurt and not able to get money from another party)?

Without going into details, liability.

FWIW, although not popular with some cyclists, NRMA home insurance uses cycling as an example for the liability insurance.

The cheapest way I have found (by accident - 'scuse pun - as I was a member anyway) to get cycling specific liability insurance was through Cycling Australia via Audax Australia membership, although the excess is $1000. This also includes personal accident cover.

I have not made a claim with either so it's all very good hypothetically...

If you are a homeowner the alleged liability situation you mention may be covered on your home policy.
Some do, some don't and AAMI is 'maybe'. Worth ringing to find out.

Also worth checking out the insurance advertised here on SC.

Oh, and for next time, the contact info you are obliged to give in the event of a bingle is not much. A mobile phone number will do, you don't have to give them your address.

If you actually obey the law whilst riding all the time, then a video camera is a very effective defence against material damage claims.  Won't help you if you sideswiped a stationary car whilst lane splitting and did a couple of grand of paint damage or rear ended one of those superexpensive plastic bumpers and cracked it.

Both velosure and cyclecover will pay out/represent appropriately otherwise they'd be out of business pretty quick.

It would be interesting to learn if any cyclists have had to pay up, and if so how much.

Interesting for me right now, since my home insurance is up for renewal so I need to know whether to pick one which covers for this, or not to bother if the cost of self insurance is acceptable. With or without the camera.

The rider that hit a pedestrian on MT panorama when the track was full of pedestrians had a couple of hundred grand payout + costs awarded against them.

The main self insurance policy you can take is to slow down when near pedestrians on sharepaths.  There is at least 3 occasions now in my riding career where that has prevented a collision for me.

Yes cyclists have had to pay for repairs to a car.  Was aware of one a little while ago that did the necessary shopping around to have a quote reduced from 1500 to 600.

The alternative policy I have been looking at buying doesn't have liability cover beyond the property.

I do worry about hurting people, so slow exactly as Jason suggests. But hey a couple of hundred grand is certainly would hurt my checkbook.

It does look like the car repair costs are well within the 'self insurance' range though, I won't worry too much about that risk.

Insurance is one of the fundamental benefits of Bicycle NSW membership.  Disclaimer: I work at Bicycle NSW, so I should know!  Your membership also gives you discounts on courses, rides etc and supports the work we do with Government to create a better environment for cycling.


I think you mean "disclaimosure", Tony.

So Tony, as you say you work for BNSW, what has your organisation done to create a better environment for cycling in the Macarthur area? When was the last time someone from your office came to this area to do anything, apart from maybe having a meeting, which to my way of thinking is not doing anything other than justiying that something is being "done". Having put in more than 20 years of advocacy both at the old BINSW and BNSW, no one from the city came out here to help when we needed it. It was just too far and did not have enough members to matter. No wonder I gave up, but am still passionate enough to know when a condescending remark is made.

Hi Dick,  We work with the State Government and put forward the case for increase funding, changes in legislation, events to get more people riding and programs to improve both cyclist and driver education (among other things).  Much of this work goes unnoticed because we focus more on influencing decision-makers rather than on attending the many hundreds of local meetings that take place across the State.  With very limited resources, we have to focus on major Government policy issues and trying to secure a larger part of the enormous +$10 billion Transport budget.

Generally, local issues are best dealt with by Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) which are made up of members who are intimately familiar with the local area.  There are Bicycle User Groups in Liverpool and Western Sydney, but none in Macarthur so if you can put me in contact with someone who runs a BUG in your area (or would like to), then I can help them get affiliated with Bicycle NSW so we can work more closely with them.


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