Having been hit off my bike and threatened with legal action, (long story!) I figure I must get insurance to prevent this happening again. Has anyone read all of the fine print and made an educated choice regarding which cover or had any good or bad experiences with bike insurance?


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I notice QBE are promoting their Home & Contents with a bicycle option on the SBS TDF coverage.   Anyone know how good it is?

See the PDS - by my quick reading it appears to cover you while in use but not racing, as well as the usual theft etc. Funnily enough it covers track bikes, but not riding on a velodrome. It also covers damage or loss to accessories and clothing (limit of $1000). Excess is $250 for non-carbon parts, $500 for carbon. And you have the right to nominate a preferred repairer. No idea what it adds to your premium, someone else can give it a go as I couldn't see an option to "add in" bike coverage when I tried to generate a H&C quote. 

Thanks SUS

I had a look as well.  You look under the contents section & under the valuables section.  In the valuables section you can enter a bicycle here for coverage throughout AUS & NZL or worldwide.  The quote didn't breakdown the individual elements but came up to about $2.3K pa for $500K building, $100K contents and $1.5K for the bike also lots of modules for this & that so all up pretty unfriendly to the novice eyes (me).  The main thing I am looking for is that I am covered if I hit someone or something, or damage to other property.  My current insurer covers the bikes but not the aforementioned events.

As Si wrote earlier you can get the insurances you want (bike related PL & Personal Injury) via bodies like Audax (CA cover) and currently would cost $40 (including joining) to end Oct and $60 pa after (plus you can go silly and do 200/300/400/600 km rides!

$2.3k sounds a lot too much, unless you are in flood / bush fire prone risk area.

It does. I am in a fire prone area, tho no chance of flood and mine is $1200 with one insurer and $1050 with another. That's for $685,000 of rebuild costs.

I got a standalone third party policy from Velosure for $50. Happy as Larry!

QBE Bike insurance on a top end road bike (say 10k in value) is approx. $500 a year. That includes a discount as they have my building and contents policy. I am still getting competing quotes.


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