USB chargeable light  

It looks like it's worth a $18.92 punt

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I've had those superflash type lights as a rear light - got water in them, and also bounce out of their mount occasionally.

An IP rating (ingress protection) of 66 is a good start. (= "IP66").

It's meant to be installed under the saddle.

I supposed that'll help a bit it wasn't one of them cut-out ones.

I'm going to 'lock' it to the saddle mount and recharge it with one of my portable battery packs.

well - as long as you have mudguards!

If not - then its almost the worst spot.

At my home my bikes are stored hung up by the front wheel, outdoors in the rain. "Under the saddle" isn't under the saddle in this config - it's more "under the seatpost".

This could explain my recent bad luck with rear lights, but then again, I've had some rear lights last for years when stored like this.

I couldn't work out why you'd need a "find my bike" function until I saw the photo of the bike rack from presumably Amsterdam or similar!! It's sad that I've never had to look for my bike in Australia!


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