It's the third time.

First one in Chatswood station

Second one in Wynyard,

Now in Town hall

Wonder what kind of person thing that this is funny...

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Maybe the same kind of "joker" as the one who undid my brakes while my bike was hanging on

a hook in the Blue Mountains train, a while back. A candidate for prosecution if I'd caught them.

NB, check your brakes when you unhook the bike!

Do (did) your lights unclip easily?

It's better to take them with you when you park (even though it's a bit of a nuisance and some clips wear out after a while).

This really applies to anything that isn't screwed or bolted down.

Michael T

prosecution is code for contact counselling? - a session is usually quite short...

BTW - on topic - bolt and glue your lights onto your bike (and anything else which is easily pilfered). Its pretty easy to drill some holes and insert some bolts through the mounts. Metal mounting brackets also help as plastic ones are easy to break off.

Contact counselling involving a pillow case containing 6 pool balls?

Hi, yup it was very easy to unclip them.

My mate bought a usb powered ones from ebay, very small, powerful and easy to remove, guess that will be my next investment.


My advice is to get bolt-on lights. There are AXA brand ones available here.


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