Apparently we're not posting enough, so here is a small tale of family happenings on the weekend:

We're teaching one of our children how to ride a bike. This involves loading all the kids bikes into the back of the wagon, driving to a flat parkland, and then running back and forth like a headless chook for about 45 minutes with one child while the other two scooter or ride about.

After this on the weekend we went food shopping for the week. In attempting to find space for the food amongst the bike the wife made some comment about having to choose between bikes and food.

I of course, stated I'd choose bikes. Then asked each of the children:

2yr old: Bike

5 yr old: Bike (no surprise there, it was his first word)

7 yr old: Bike (and she can't ride without trainers yet!)

So just a happy post about how awesome bikes are.

What would you choose, food or bikes.

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Bikes are food for my soul.

Food is, erm, food for my body.

The bearings in the rear hub on my fixie sort of disintegrated today. This is not a new phenomenon for me. The rive train on the fixie also needs replacing. The rear hub is, apart from the bearings, a bit shot in any case, and several of the spokes are probably about to break since the chain jumped off and jammed in the wheel, damaging them.

So should I just get a new rear wheel, or fix the one i have? I sense the cost of a new wheel is not so different to the cost of fixing the old one. Especially as I can put a new drive train on myself then (easy with new parts; harder when you have to get the old cog off...)

If I had to choose, I'd choose beer. Then bikes. Then food.

This is pretty unfair since you can't eat bikes or ride food but I think that democracy has chosen well in your family

Who says you can't eat bikes?

Or this for breakfast.

that is next level...

Wheely tasty.

You have to drive to a safe place to ride bicycles - time to move.

Food and bicycles in equal measure for me and mine. Although my wife does not ride, kids are mad about bikes. 

The only requirement when we got a house was rideability - there is no driving to ride bicycles but we do ride bicycles to get food, both shopping and eating out.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford to live where they want to.

Also, there is a difference between riding safely as an adult, riding safely as a child, and trying to learn to ride.


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