There was an earlier thread on bike parking at Sydney Domestic terminal.

While looking for other information on their site, I note that they now have designated bike parking areas at both domestic and international terminals.

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That's good information.

There is a website called 'I hate taxis' and it has all the different airports around the world and how to travel to and from them including by bicycle. Unfortunately, their bike information is lacking for some airports like Melbourne but it's still a good website for anyone taking their bike travelling.
Thanks for the info Weiyun. I parked my bike at the domestic airport yesterday and, as usual, found readily available spots right across from the terminal in the parking station. I virtually never see other bikes being used as a way for airtravelers to get to and from the airport. But that is strange as the bike is a great way of doing that. Fast, efficient, cheap and right to the place you need to be at.
Have a look at this thread too

We left our bikes successfully for a day.
I've already quoted that thread in my 1st post. ;)
Yeah but there are always people like me who need extra direction;)
Looking at the maps the racks, they do not appear that close to the termainal entrances. Is this the case. Also is there security cameras/cages for long term or are they just racks in the open
great - wrote to them 5 years ago about bike parking, and didn't get a response.

Now, how to safely get to the airport... Bourke street is a bugger at the moment, but I think it's because they are putting in a Clover lane. Mind you, in the interim it is downright dangerous.
Although I have now moved on, I worked at T1 for 7 years and I would never park my bike in the designated area to the north, hidden from view and too easy for thieves. I have always rolled up to the entrance and found the nearest girder to lock my bike too. Never had anything stolen or a complaint from SACL. That said there are also lots of spots in the new multi story parking palace. The Racks to the south must be new. Again looks like its too far away from the safety of human traffic.
Its my opinion that no body goes to the airport to steal a bike!
All that said it would be nice if they actually provided access from the cycle path that didn't mean riding over a gutter or up and down steps.
I've gone wth Park & Fly in Botany for my airport parking in the past... it's really close to the airport and heaps secure - also a lot cheaper than some other alternatives. Maybe check if they've got bike services too?
Hey good idea Ant - I use them too but have never thought to ask. Next time i'm there i'll have to remember to do that!
Cheers Stephen !!


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