I am appalled at the lack of bike parking around the place and needing to park in the Parramatta area and shouldn't have to pay to use the council secure facilities ($20 per month), especially when you can park at Westfield for free.

Example 1:

Westfield Parramatta boasts about having over 4500 car parking spaces on their website, free for 3 hours. I live 2km or less from this shopping centre and it is easier to walk or drive than worry about my bike. Thats car spaces > 4500, bike spaces = ZERO!!! 

Example 2:

Bunnings North Parramatta, it's even on the official M2 detour! You want to go by bike to pick up a little piece of rope, the trolley bays are the most secure place you're going to get. Ask the staff, the reply is a shrug of the shoulders.

Are there any lobby groups in Western Sydney who can get sort of campaign happening? Or just try to find a tree or sign? In Melbourne, quite a different story, my workplace didn't have bike racks, so I emailed and 6 weeks later got 2 bike racks out the front.

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Westfield has bike racks on church st, near the movies entrance. I believe there are also racks in the campbell st entrance of the car park but I've never bothered finding them. There are racks outside the pools, and plenty of poles and things to lock to along church st. The Secure parking is pretty good value for what you get in my opinion.

Westfield removed bike parking at 4th level from Campbell st entrance for the valet parking about 2 years ago.

Here`s Church st bike racks pic.

Ideally it should be part of the council approval process for such developments. The councils probably don't have the power to require it retrospectively. Of course these business could do it off their own bat though.


That said, given the nature of the goods sold by Bunnings, they probably didn't figure on customers turning up on bikes.


Most of their purchases would be for stuff that is too bulky or heavy to carry on a bicycle.


I'd ride my bike to Bunnings if I was just getting a few light globes or something - but inevitably I end up seeing/buying other stuff I need while I'm there, like a bag of soil or something.

I got no car but often shop at bunnings.

3x 25ltr bags of soil  was the most I have carried on my bike from bunnings, 2 on the front rack 1 in a large backpack.

The most awkward would have been timber (taped to the top bar) and a petrol whipper snipper (again shoved into the large back pack) the bent shaft protruding high above my head hooked me up on a red light as I was using a pedcrossing. Got some laughs from stopped car drivers.

Super effort. What sort of bike is this?

Ben, If you got pics of it.Why not show all on this site of "Any long or wide loads on bikes that`s not Cargo bikes" thread.

amazing what you can fit on a Big Dummy

I park at the trolley bays in Nowest Bunnings as well.

Castle Towers has 15 bike parks, no way to ride there safely and 5300 free car spots.

Going shopping on converted bike trolley?Getting steering problems.

I think Pitt st Mall needs bike parking there are many spots these could easily be installed. I have seen people lock there bikes to the seating. I think this sucks balls come on westfield pick up your game.

I don't think you are allowed to cycle in Pitt St Mall. Anyone confirm this?

We were told off by a security guard for walking our bikes through the strand arcade so I could drop some shoes off for mending.We asked the guard was it his policy or the policy of Strand Arcade.His answer was Strand Arcade even though there was no sign up at the entrance forbidding bicycles.. As far as I was concerned walking a bicycle was no different to pushing a pram but his reasoning was someone would trip over  the bicycle.This was when the Ralpha popup was in the Strand which I found odd.

The rings in the CBD are pretty full these days.Would be great if the big retail players in the CBD, would actively provide or promote bicycle parking instead of just using the image of a bike to sell their products.

This is doable in say a city like Kyoto where the most upmarket Japanese Department store has underground secure bicycle parking.And as some  of you may know, an Australian upmarket retailer has got nothing on an upmarket Japanese retailer for posh or serious dollars.


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