I am appalled at the lack of bike parking around the place and needing to park in the Parramatta area and shouldn't have to pay to use the council secure facilities ($20 per month), especially when you can park at Westfield for free.

Example 1:

Westfield Parramatta boasts about having over 4500 car parking spaces on their website, free for 3 hours. I live 2km or less from this shopping centre and it is easier to walk or drive than worry about my bike. Thats car spaces > 4500, bike spaces = ZERO!!! 

Example 2:

Bunnings North Parramatta, it's even on the official M2 detour! You want to go by bike to pick up a little piece of rope, the trolley bays are the most secure place you're going to get. Ask the staff, the reply is a shrug of the shoulders.

Are there any lobby groups in Western Sydney who can get sort of campaign happening? Or just try to find a tree or sign? In Melbourne, quite a different story, my workplace didn't have bike racks, so I emailed and 6 weeks later got 2 bike racks out the front.

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They are not allowed to ride in malls where there`s pedestrians about.I cannot confirm about Pitt St as I`ve seen police told riders to get off the bikes at Parramatta Mall.

You are correct herzog, one is not permitted to ride through Pitt St Mall.

I wouldn't do it in normal business hours. But before I moved offices this used to be my normal route home after work (through to Market St, not wanting to ride contra flow on King St or on King St footpaths). Three years' worth, never got hassled once. Of course, I rode ultra slow and stopped/gave way to pedestrians.

Whoopsy, wasn’t aware of that, must stop taking that short cut then!

I have cycled through Pitt St Mall many times, with Police in view and they have never said anything, even when I was riding beside one of them.

I thought there was a 10 K shared zone sign there.

I think there is, but before 9am, when vehicles are aloud to use it to unload!

Having a look at minutes of council meetings in 2010 that discussed the design they never once mentioned bicycles as a problem or as something to be considered. Can only think they don't mind if we use the mall, which would be consistent with their policies. A City of Pedestrians and Cyclists as they say.They also state that only Police can issue a "moving violation".


I take my bike inside my local (Artarmon) Bunnings.  The man on duty at the door (to check bags), keeps an eye on it for me while I shop.  No problem ever.

Just act as if it is your born right.  So long as you aren't obstructing anybody or anything, why would they make a fuss.

Bunnings at Mascot has a small bike parking area and it is easily reached using the Bourke Street Cycleway :)

thanks for the facebook link John, added a little piece as well.

funny thing, Hills council may not like it but there are definitley more bikes getting around here.  Came to an intersection on Jasper Road, 3 riders coming to the same point from different directions (Coronation -> Jasper <- Hilda ), hand signals from all making sure we all knew where we were going.  few car drivers probably thinking WTF.

None using the bogus off road cycleway (footpath).  Even the old fella with the 70s stack hat and upturned drop bars.

Becoming a member of either of those bike park facilities may be a good idea, is there a list of similiar in CoS?


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