Bike rides this Saturday in Grayndler for ACP and federal action for better cycling conditions.

I am the House of Reps candidate and would love to get some help in raising the profile of the bike issue.

The Australian Cyclists Party believes getting Australians onto bikes is a national issue. Nearly 20% of greenhouse emissions are from the transport sector and have increased 55% since 1990. Yet new expressways are getting the government money. For the cost of less than 1km of expressway, per year, Australia could be built for national active transport.

If you are reading this you know. Would you like to spend part of this Saturday on one of the four loop rides we have designed? Be warned though,the roads here are not made for cycling so, follow the routes but lookout for risks. The whole point is that the roads here are not made for cycling anyway.

The electorate runs south from the Balmain peninsular to Princes Highway between St Peters Stn and the road up to Sydenham Station . On the east is King St to the station, Kingston Rd, Mallet and Booth St and a bit of The Crescent. On the west is Canterbury Stn, Frederick St, to Rodd Point.

There are about a dozen booths in each of four zones. We have four loop rides that go past the booths, one of which is our base in that zone. If you open a ride (below) on a smartphone it should come up on a google map. You can get fancy and save to OSM and be able to view the map off-line. But lots of people will have both the wifi and a gps chip in their phone so all you'd do it pick up the link. You get a a live map that shows your location, the route and each of the polling booths you go past.

SE zone (W of King St) our base Stanmore Public School loop bit a +loop bit b

SW zone (W of Livingston Rd) our base Ashfield Town Hall loop bit a + loop bit b

Mid (between Parra Rd and Westlink) our base Leichhardt Town Hall loop

Peninsular (includes Lilyfield) our base Rozelle Public School loop

 Please try to do at least one loop, It will be great to see you.Pick up some voting forms when you go past our base and hand some out along the way. But this is mainly about us getting out there and being seen at and around the booths on bikes. And having another great day riding around!

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A vote for the ACP is a vote for more cycleway funding. Hope to see you all there!! PS if you'd like to volunteer in the North, we have a booth running at Cammeray Public School. Drop in and say hi.

Good luck! Not sure I'll be able to do a ride this saturday because of family commitments, but I'll be voting ACP!

Looking forward to a crushing victory for you tomorrow!

I hope it all goes well.

btw, these routes are all set up to be done clockwise. I hope to see you out there.


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