Bike Sharing System, Cell Bikes has a bike leasing program on the design table.

(G'Day guys, here's a recent press release we've just done, have a look and let me know what you think regarding such a proposed system and its viability)

Sydney, Australia-December 12, 2008-A Sydney based bike company Cell Bikes has been working on a commuter bike sharing system to provide a environmentally friendly option to Australian Cities, Universities, Resorts and Organizations interested in this kind of solution.

The system comprises of: the bike, the docking station, the street kiosk, the Internet website, and the maintenance/distribution logistics. The bike will utilize state of the art design and materials.

It uses the Shimano Nexus 8 speed drivetrain and brakes for low maintenance and long term durability. The rider has an upright position on a comfortable saddle, a large range of adjustments to suit 90% of all cyclists, the tyres have an anti-puncture compound, and a front hub generator to power a set of front and rear lights while the bicycle is in motion... (the complete article can be found on WordPress by following this link)

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Yeah, I've heard of the 'Vienna incident'. It's a bit of a catch-22, we don't want to take away anyone's job, however we're trying to make Sydney a more pleasant and safer city to ride in.

I'm not anti-car, however the fewer unecessary vehicles on the road, the better. Being from the US, seeing businessmen driving their status symbol SUV's while talking on their mobile was quite a common site, I'd like this kind of system to encourage these types of people to take up a bike!
I like the idea. But from the article:

"The use of a helmet is compulsory in Australia, and will be available with the bike for public use, however, riders will be encouraged to use their own helmet, as a helmet is personal item."

If you have your own personal helmet you're likely to also have your own bike. And if you didn't have a helmet, you might not be inclined to use the one that comes with the rental bike - the chances of it fitting and not being sweaty/dirty from previous use are slim.
Yes, the helmet issue is a MAJOR sticking point, however for the greater good, it's something that needs to be worked around.

What we propose is that an 'almost 1-size fits-all' helmet comes with the bike (kept in the back, on the rack/luggage compartment) and you'd still have access to storage via side-panniers.

Again, thanks for your feedback, every constructive comment/concern we receive will help refine this system.
Maybe you could sell K-Mart quality helmets for cost price + a bit. I don't know what the wholesale price for cheep helmets are, but K-Mart are currently selling some for $17.99 and I'm sure they are still making a profit. Just a thought.

EDIT: The other day (a few months ago) I was in the market for a new helmet, and according to the LBS, the difference between the cheep helmets and the expensive helmets are comfort and weight. The $500 helmet I tried felt like I didn't have anything on my head, but it was a bit to expensive to some styrofoam packaging.
How did I know that reply was coming. You're getting predictable Colin :)
I think that was Dave W's avatar for a while
Make that "anti-mandatory helmet" advocates.
Hair nets, man, hair nets
It seems to work in Paris. They were installing more while we were there in July.
They even had a race around the Champs Elysées before the Riders came in on Le Tour.
Regarding the sanitation helmet issue, perhaps like someone mentioned...hairnets, or possibly some kind of 1-use liner thats breathable and bio-degradable.
I have seen statistics on the web about how helmets do not help in a crash... I depends on the way you land on them I guess. I agree that the helmet laws in Australia will not help this system of bike leasing or hire or rental in any way shape or form.

I wish change... the level of Technology is so far ahead of our ability for our social situation to change... EVOLVE humans EVOLVE to at least a small percentage of our ability to create.
Totally agree regarding 'evolving', Europe and Asia tend to implement changes much faster probably due to the congestion and resource issues.


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