In the local paper. TFNSW rolling them out across Sydney, slowly. One at Redfern too. Anyone using them?

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Putting the parking at the front of Sydenham station made a huge difference to the number of cyclists leaving bikes at the station, I'm guessing this imitative will be popular too!

20 bike sheds are already in use at these stations.

More will be installed in coming months/years.

I've heard somewhere on the grapevine that someone swapped own flat tyre with good wheel to someone's bike and someone's wheel had been taken out.

Best to use long cable lock over 2 wheels in cages.

ps, I've seen it at Parramatta station but I never used it.

There just has to be a better way to secure the bikes in these parking areas.

I've seen them where each 'rack' has a long cable so you can loop that cable all around the bike bits and then lock it to the rack.

Rhodes has this facility, and I know a few bikes have been taken from Rhodes and most of them are just beater bikes that people take to ride as there is no real value in them.


Redfern had taken too long to install Bike shed from Altmedia report last year.

And it's not open yet despite of not including the availability of sheds in my other posted link.

On a recent trip to Japan the stations in all suburbs had covered cycle parking and very little or no car parking. Picture is a small town station in Shikoku

The Japs would never steal a thing so the security issue there is minor.

Here is a station at Beaverton (Oregon) where people park and catch the train to Portland. You get a card for the enclosure. CCTV etc.

curious how they have the pavers for the blind in the centre of the bikeshed??

Passengers , visually challenged stroker, or in case one inadvertently walked in

Probably just OH&S or to avoid being sued 

Somewhere soft to walk if you have cleats? Guidance of where to stand when lowering bike from top rack?

A pity that theft is a problem here. You'd think they could track down a thief through Opal records and or CCTV, if there is any. I guess an Opal card is easy to steal too. 


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