Hello - limited garden space and want a useable, not too expensive and not ugly bike shed (times two, or maybe 3 for the kids bikes too as could line them up along a wall).  I've really struggled to find anything online, other than overseas - see http://www.shedstore.co.uk/storage/bike-storage/shire/shire-bike-st... (139 british pounds which would be around $250).  I've seen a few discussions on storage but haven't found anything that meets the above brief (practical, not too expensive not ugly).  Am i missing something obvious - thanks all.  R

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Thanks - I am now spending ages on youtube watching people build sheds too!


that one looks good - but took 4 days and some pretty specialist kit - still, building might be the way to go as the space is similar - i.e. along a fence line.  

I thought when he slammed the car hatchback door down the windscreen would shatter

http://thebikebox.com.au/features/ is $1400 : does that fail the "not too expensive" requirement and what is the ball park value you are looking at?

hi - thanks, that is a good looking bikebox but yeah that is a lot of cash!  But is clearly good quality.  I have a couple of bikes plus the kids too - so would need 2 at least i suspect!   Don't really need anything so high tech either - they'll be in the back garden along the fence line so a bit more secure as not on the street.  

On costs - I was thinking a two or three hundred bucks a shot I suppose - maybe that's unrealistic......  

I also fancy something made of wood too to fit in the garden nicely.

Thanks again

Or a Bunnings garden shed, cheapish, lots of sizes to pick from, transportable, maybe not hugely secure?


Save money and make your own bike box.

Buy 6 panels and cut it to size and paint it for up to $150.

here what you want:  http://lanesplitter.jalopnik.com/this-telescopic-bike-shed-is-a-min...

well, what i want really

that's such a great idea

Russell, if you are still looking I bought a very nice bicycle shed from Bunnings Warehouse at Balgowlah a couple of months ago. It does not show up on their website for some strange reason. Made by Absco. $200. Dimensions 2200 long x 800 deep x 1300 high approx I'm just going on memory here. Available in green or grey with white trim. Oddly it is also not on Absco Sheds'  website, they seem to be secretly making it only for Bunnings Warehouse. I think it is called the Velo Shed. It has two front doors and a hinged lid/roof. Beware that the instructions require an engineering degree and/or plenty of time. I have not fully assembled mine yet, but have unpacked it and put together the main panels, the whole thing looks ok at this stage; I would say extremely good value for money, I bought one straight away as I thought they might have got the price wrong or something. Note also that if you want a nice floor, Bunnings also have lightweight pre-cast concrete slabs made specially for garden sheds. If you need more info contact me through SC note I don't check stuff on the computer every day.


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