Hello, My name is Isaac Brewin and I am an engineering student at The University Of New South Wales. I have chosen to design a device to store bikes on trains. I believe there is a big issue in Sydney with commuting on trains, particularly with a bicycle and plan to do something about it. The first plan of action is to discover more about you guys, the ones who are effected by this. In response, I would really appreciate it if you spend 2 minutes of your time completing this short survey. It is completely anonymous and will greatly help me!


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Done with pleasure Isaac.

Slightly faked, in that I have retired. But I still use bike and train as principal travel options.

'buses' and 'affected' btw.

...and "predominantly" ;-)

done ! Cheers Isaac!

Good luck with it.

I hear we are getting more and wider train sets for the Blue Mountains line, plus new Metro trains. Any idea if they will have bike storage? There was a parliamentary inquiry into this a few years ago and the Govt agreed to improve things but don't know if that has all been quietly abandoned.
And what about the new huge City to Randwick trams, are we still welcome on them- so far bikes are carried on the Dulwich Hill trams, tho it does get crowded.
Ihus far the mountains trains seem abysmal purchases, not fitting the line and not fit for absurdly long journey times either.

Bike and luggage storage improbable. But you never know.

Done it.

Wish you good luck with this Isaac!

And the seating on the Oscars gradually being introduced on the Newcastle line is totally unsuitable for a 2-3 hour trip too!  

I saw a luggage rack - a proper one, not a dinky little overhead one - retrofitted to an existing Mountains train last week. I was so shocked I needed to sit down but, as this was a once-an-hour four-car set during peak hour, there weren't any seats. *sigh* Oh well...


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