Bikes as postive props in advertising / newspaper articles

I've noticed a few ads / articles that use bike as props in a positive way in the papers lately, the bike usually represent coolness / freedom etc. Yet journos like bagging cyclists whenever they feel the need to write an article about us.


A bit of a double standard don't you think?


eg this article, I quickly skimmed it but no mention of cycling... but a pretty picture where a bike is prominent

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Here's one from Pitt St Sussan - earlier in the year

Dummies don't ride bicycles.
I just read in the free newspaper that Dymocks are doing book deliveries in the cbd by bicycle. They said they are doing it because the of the environment and because of the cycleways.
Clearly they can't deliver books using only, or even mainly cycleways in Sydney, but despite the futility of Union St and RTA obstruction, I think CoS have got it right: put in a few big showy cycleways and people will use them, and flow off into the rest of the streets.
We always try and get one of our bikes in a photoshoot we're doing if there's even a hint of a prop needed. A couple of weeks ago we used my Mum's old (yet immaculate) Ladies Repco Traveller in a fashion shoot at Bondi, looked sweet!
pics by

Where's the helmets...?
Where's the helmets...?
Lugged steel with 27 inch rims, Kombi with the motor in the rear, no one on the beach....
Its the 1970s...
If they were fixes it could have been Bondi last weekend!
Copenhagen is a bit cold at the moment - so they need to get some imagery from Australia to keep them warm.

The bikes weren't for sale - i think they were just selling/promoing the thongs from the basket.
I've noticed bicycles in clothes shops lately, especially the sit-up "ladies" bikes. They make the display look great. Somehow bicycles are "cool". That's a great thing for cycling. I hope this trend continue. Maybe the 'bicycle chic' movement helps people, especially younger people, pay more attention to bicycles.

I noticed in the streets of Sydney more people riding bikes you wouldn't have seen a few years ago, like old-style sit-up bikes, or choppers.


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