Bikes on Blue Mountains train replacement buses

I'm planning a bike trip starting from Bathurst in April and I'd been counting on training from Central to Bathurst. I believe that the storm/fire damage to the BM line is substantial so it may be that I won't be able to catch the train all of the way and may have to rely on the train replacement buses. I've had mixed experiences with these people in the past ranging from total arseholes to really helpful. I'll have a long day's travel from Newcastle to Bathurst and I'll need to book accommodation for the Easter Monday so I don't want to be jerked around. Has anyone else had experience with a loaded touring bike on buses along this route?

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No experience on the current Bathurst route.

I've had experience like yours when busses have replaced trains. In my experience the busses are private operators and there may be several operators on the replacement route and busses range from tourist coaches to old ratters. Things vary a lot.

May I suggest 2 things -

1. Try to find out who the bus operator(s) is and talk to their management about your situation. If they are positive see if you can get an email from them you can show the driver. You might try the same with the Railways but my cynical self thinks the bureaucrats probably will point you to the "driver discretion" clause.

2. Get on the very first bus in the morning if it leaves very early. It is likely to have the least number of people on board and therefore the driver may be more accommodating.

can ask them on Twitter

Hope the line is open by Easter!

It looks like it could be a few months before things get back to normal.

As I read it the first Bathurst service of the day is a train the second a bus. Is that your take?

Yes, but it looks like they might have got their act together and  put an express bus in from Springwood to Bathurst with only a couple of stops, so that sounds better.

At least a few months. The tracks Need reconfiguration to fit the suburban size rolling stock they bought, so that means work is needed from Springaz to Lithgow.

When that was done from number 60 chicken plains to Springaz in About 1990 we suffered a very Long closure.

so the Leura landslide is only part of the story?

I didn't know either that it was out for scheduled track upgrades.  

I understand that there are areas where the tracks will need to be separated to allow clearance between them.  The treatment in the tunnels is that they are going to allow them to be very close, so to not have to widen the tunnels and I'm guessing that they will want those tracks to be spot on perfect for this reason

For this reason they concrete the tracks, as was done in the Glenbrook Tunnel to fit the suburbanite sets. They also removed brickwork. What could possibly go wrong?

Yes. Bushfire Damage to repair as well and in my mind it makes Little sense to put track back where it was for the above reason.


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