Wed 23.7.14 - I counted 3 bikes in 45 minutes on Cleveland Street, just after dark, completely without lights, in the kerbside lane.

It's clear to me that these cyclists have no idea how difficult it is for motorists to see un-lit cycles, just after dark, on a busy road like Cleveland St.  If this is in any way typical of a Sydney arterial, no wonder cyclists are getting killed and injured.

I thought of writing to the papers, but that probably wouldn't reach these riders.  Someone's going to ket killed!  What can we do?

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100% correct. My wife keeps pointing it out to me and saying stuff like ".... hey you've spent a fortune on lights . . . is it safe what these people are doing?"

Touch wood, or their heads, but no fatalities this month (that I have heard about). 8 so far this year, acc to the Centre for Road Safety.

Dunno what you can do, except maybe ask the local police bike unit to do a blitz on lights. But they arent going to stop anyone on a busy arterial at peak hour is my guess.

Asking them to shift their enforcement from helmets to lights wouldn't hurt eh.


I wonder how many pedestrians are about at night in Sydney without lights. Oh, silly me.


To be pragmatic about it for a second, aren't these streets lit?

Additionally, what about the 10% of road users (including cyclists) who are night blind?

Seeing more pedestrians and runners getting about with little torches/lights. It's mush appreciated on those unlit shared paths (anyone who has ridden Riverine Park at Arncliffe knows what I mean).

I carry a torch, and use it if walking somewhere unlit.

I've seen a lot of dogs with lights the last few weeks on the Gore Hill Path. Cute as, and very helpful for runners and cyclists!

As a black with some white dog owner, a small flashing light plus reflective collar and lead makes a lot of sense.  I like passive safety stuff, cheaper than a visit to the vet and these work just as well as reflective strips on bike sidewalls. A black dog just disappears in the dark just like a bike so even a small light make a lot of sense for other path users.

As a black with some white dog owner

So does that make you the black with some white sheep of the family?

BTW, what colour is your dog?

So bringing this back on topic (while muttering to oneself, “WISEGUY!!”) … and my, more to being seen than just big bright lights, try passive safety colours and reflectors dog-like point, I use the aid of my daughters pics of her poultry to demonstrate the answer to that age old riddle:

Why did the chicken* make it across the road? Was it…

i a ninja?ii black with some white (or could be white with black)?iii grey?iv Richard Ballantine Fair Isle jumper like (with bonus RB type beard)?v white?

* Nocturnal, without the aid of reflective, battery or dynamo accessories.

Most major road signs are white, so like the backyard, wearing some white is a good way to stand out and at dusk and maybe dark, would be a good way to avoid being skittled by a driver or worse skittling others.

Belgian D'uccles! I thought I opened the wrong page. Those colours are black mottled, blue and porcelain and the boots and beards are compulsory!

Yeah, it's amazing how many of these invisible cyclists you can see everywhere.


Here is a theoretical question.

On your ride home you encounter another cyclist riding without lights going the same direction as you. You have a decent set of lights and can be seen from a good distance away. Do you:

a) ride with the unlit rider while you're going the same way cos we're all looking out for each other or 

b) ride at your own pace and leave them behind if necessary. If they can't be arsed spending just $10 on basic set of lights then fuck 'em.

Anyway, I know what I do and I also understand why riding without a H word should be optional but making yourself practically invisible to drivers is just idiotic.


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