Wed 23.7.14 - I counted 3 bikes in 45 minutes on Cleveland Street, just after dark, completely without lights, in the kerbside lane.

It's clear to me that these cyclists have no idea how difficult it is for motorists to see un-lit cycles, just after dark, on a busy road like Cleveland St.  If this is in any way typical of a Sydney arterial, no wonder cyclists are getting killed and injured.

I thought of writing to the papers, but that probably wouldn't reach these riders.  Someone's going to ket killed!  What can we do?

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Not such a theoretical question: I once had a light fail on me and was offered a spare from a passing rider. And earlier this year I encountered a rider without a light (it had died) and rode most of the way home with him. 

Lights do die, that is true. Rechargeables die without warning, which is particularly worrying.

My solution - two lights front and two lights back (only one of each a rechargeable). Build redundancy into those systems that are critical for safety.

yep, I look like a Christmas tree.

Even so when I have had a light fail it is unnerving with only a small secondary headlight on some dark paths

I have encountered unlit bikes coming the other way on shared paths and have offered them free advice.

isn't there a rule about headlights on cars and being able to see a person on a road dressed in black from 100m away?

"sufficient visibility to see a person wearing dark clothing at a distance of 100 metres"

If you can't see where your driving, don't drive there.

Not defending unlit riders, I have seen a few, yes I still did see them.

Nailed it with this post.

The number of cars getting around with 1 light, or at dawn/dusk no lights present a safety hazard.

Motorists. Need. To. Slow. Down.


These days it's bonkers that cars don't have lights on automatically.

It's been a legal requirement in Sweden for decades - and not exactly hard to "hard wire" them to do so.

Many years when I was a university student I worked in a petrol station. One of our regulars drove a Volvo, imported from... Sweden. It was back in the days before use of daytime headlights was common, and he got so sick of being flashed by well-meaning oncoming traffic (those who wanted to ensure he didn't leave them on and come back to a flat battery) he got personalised number plates that simply said:


These days it's bonkers that bikes aren't sold with lights, especially those ones powered by the thing in the middle of the front wheel.

much care for telling other cyclists what they should be doing and certainly have resented it when others have told me what to do. Got caught out one evening and headed home later than expected. Found my front light had turned itself on inside my bag and was flat. Fortunately I had two rear lights (one a power ring - explained on another thread). So I cycled home with flashing red front and back ... only to be told off by a fellow cyclist coming the other way ... "supposed to be white on the front" ... no shit Sherlock

I try to keep my opinions to myself (especially about seats that are too low)
I've been caught out too. More than once I've taken a bike out that is not my regular commuter to a social event. As the day drags on everyone shows great concern that people don't drink and drive. As dusk approaches I'm left with whatever combination of footpath and train I can muster. Schadenfreude abounds. Serves him right for not owning a car!
I think Bernard (and others) are on the money here and deserves a step up in rank from earl. With all of us sensible people here traversing the streets with proper lighting that can illuminate pitch black regions at a distance of kilometres does it matter to us that some people are riding without lighting meeting with our approval, maybe they did not have appropriate footwear either. Perhaps it is that they "will give us all a bad name" as per Dan's blog

Yes, it is sensible that you make yourself visible and take other measures to maximise your own safety but I am not the enforcer and I don't want to persecute my fellow bicycle riders using the instruments of the state via a police crackdown.

So lets just chill and be a bit more accepting and not expect everyone to be just like us.

I was thinking of getting sandals, hope that is OK


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