Wed 23.7.14 - I counted 3 bikes in 45 minutes on Cleveland Street, just after dark, completely without lights, in the kerbside lane.

It's clear to me that these cyclists have no idea how difficult it is for motorists to see un-lit cycles, just after dark, on a busy road like Cleveland St.  If this is in any way typical of a Sydney arterial, no wonder cyclists are getting killed and injured.

I thought of writing to the papers, but that probably wouldn't reach these riders.  Someone's going to ket killed!  What can we do?

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Exactly. And it's not the homicidal drivers I can do much about. Lit or unlit they'll never accept they were to blame - even the best lit cyclist gets told "well you shouldn't have been there in the first place" instead of "I'm sorry, my thoughtlessness in choosing to use my phone while I tried overtaking across double lines on a blind corner is the cause of this crash"

But as a member of society I am happy to have a small, non-burdensome obligation to help others out, without significantly impacting on my rights or enjoyment. And if that means using lights to help them see me and therefore reduce the risk of them hitting me, even if I was personally of the belief I don't need lights to help me see them or anything else along my way, I'd do it.

148 replies in two weeks on this topic, which might be something of a record.  How depressing that so few of those replies make any practical contribution to the safety of those naive unlit cyclists, who appear to have no understanding of the enormity of the risk they are taking!  I am greatly disappointed in this website, and bracing myself for the anticipated abuse.

I guess, like you, we don't have the answer. But nice to see the discussion generated.


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