Bilpin Ride is on again. (How to complete a brevet in record time)

The Bilpin Ride is on in 11 days time and since the Sackville shop is closed I will be supporting the ride. Details not complete yet but I'll have refreshments for both ride distances near the Sackville Ferry.

Because I'm supporting the ride and don't want to miss out on riding one of the most challenging 200s on the calendar I'll be riding the course this weekend.

Most of you won't know this but I like to make a ride plan including food, water and times between CPs. This will be particularly important for me as I will only have one place to top up food and water for the return 100km.

While looking at my previous times for Bilpin Ride in 2013 and 2014 and I noticed something.
In 2013 I did the ride in 12h37, the slowest time for the 200km.
In 2014 I did the ride in 11h23, the fastest time for this course (shared with Michael S).
That is a difference of 1h14.
In 2013 I took 2h46 off the bike.
in 2014 I took 1h30 off the bike.
A difference of 1h16.
My better result in 2014 was made up in taking a shorter breaks, as simple as that.
So if you'd like to beat your best time on an Audax ride, take shorter and less frequent stops.

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I wasn't planning on riding Bilpin this year but looking at these photos and remembering the previous rides I am reconsidering my decision.

It's beautiful country that seems more picturesque when viewed from unsealed roads.

Of the many Audax rides I've done around Sydney this Bilpin ride is unique. Lots of quiet, unsealed roads, few services and the big climb at the tail end of the ride make this a memorable and very enjoyable day out on the bike.

Maybe I will do another Bilpin this year. Hmmm.

If you are going to do it this weekend, can you give us a report back on the state of the off road bits?? Also am I correct in believing the last solid climb is no more steeper than 12%.

most definitely will report back, I would have ridden most of the route a week or 2 before to check conditions of the unsealed roads whether supporting or not.

As for 12% climbs, sounds about right, these portions are unsealed though. I'll modify an elevation profile of the ride to show unsealed/sealed portions so you know what to expect.

 The hour & half drive each way is likely to suck all the enjoyment from the ride but the photos (which don't lie of course) do look tempting. The last big climb 9.5km / 550m  with another 15km / 150m after that !  I have never done that much single climb on tar let alone dirt, I guess walking is always an option. The Lynskey says it is busy that weekend but Vivente might have a go, maybe with the Marathon Plus 37s at 55 psi?. No way it wants to do 200 though, 116 maybe but that covers all the roads I haven't done yet anyway. The "support" have better be good although I can carry most of what I need. Hopefully your pre ride check will find the council has sealed all the roads and installed coffee shops / rest areas every 10km?

The hill is a very nice walk in the sections where it might be necessary. 

Has Robert mentioned the water crossing? 

So the Lynskey is a little afraid of the dirt? Doesn't like wet weather either? Roadies!

It used to be so shiny but got a bit of dust on it from an unprogrammed mixed terrain bit at Parkes, but main problem is that it only takes a max tire of 28, maybe a little more, on the back , it will learn to love the wet although I haven't put guards on yet, it has the mounts

At least it won't rust.

Which is good as we got fairly soaked between East Kurrajong and Rickmond today, Lynskey loved it, a little light hail which made a nice ring when it hit the tubes, I wasn't as impressed with the soaking.

freshly brewed coffee, tea will be on offer and possibly fruit cake. Anzac biscuits are becoming a standard ride  food for me (if the family have not eaten them all) so they will be on offer as well. I'm doing a fresh batch for this weekend and another on Friday next week.

I'll have other foods, water and possibly some chocolate milk and up n go as well. If I have not had all my Easter chocolates you can have those as well.

Lunch for the 200s can be had at Wisemans ferry or the checkpoint at St Albans. Lunch for the 116s can be up at Bilpin. That means I'm not doing lunches.

Checkpoints will be at 50km (with refreshments) for both distances, 200s also get 88km and 145km (with refreshments) as checkpoints.

Anywhere is a rest area when you bring your own food Bill.

if we don't have to go to the closed ski-inn that saves about 3 km from the 116, makes it much easier then. Water feature at about 91k for the 116, I used to frequent that area when I was in the school cadets, had to watch out for the dinosaurs then

I'll Bite!! Where and what is the water crossing??? No soap nearby I'm an Ex Pom!! Also hate the cold especially water. The frosty pic has already got me thinking I would need to take a warm jacket. The climb will be in the dark so you wont see it.

There are 2 ferry crossing, one at Wisemans and one at Sackville. The water crossing is a small weir at Wheeny Creek, 175km. I haven't got my fet wet crossing it yet.


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