Bilpin Ride is on again. (How to complete a brevet in record time)

The Bilpin Ride is on in 11 days time and since the Sackville shop is closed I will be supporting the ride. Details not complete yet but I'll have refreshments for both ride distances near the Sackville Ferry.

Because I'm supporting the ride and don't want to miss out on riding one of the most challenging 200s on the calendar I'll be riding the course this weekend.

Most of you won't know this but I like to make a ride plan including food, water and times between CPs. This will be particularly important for me as I will only have one place to top up food and water for the return 100km.

While looking at my previous times for Bilpin Ride in 2013 and 2014 and I noticed something.
In 2013 I did the ride in 12h37, the slowest time for the 200km.
In 2014 I did the ride in 11h23, the fastest time for this course (shared with Michael S).
That is a difference of 1h14.
In 2013 I took 2h46 off the bike.
in 2014 I took 1h30 off the bike.
A difference of 1h16.
My better result in 2014 was made up in taking a shorter breaks, as simple as that.
So if you'd like to beat your best time on an Audax ride, take shorter and less frequent stops.

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several roads out Rouse Hill and Windsor way are being closed due to water covering them, it is highly possible Wheeny Creek is not so creek like at this point in time so no volunteer ride today.

Shame. I was thinking of joining you on the Lynskey. After all, in such superb weather conditions I can think of only a few things more pleasant than riding 200km on a hilly route including steep, rough and unsealed roads.

I can understand your disappointment, such ideal conditions and route rarely coincide. I am sure Rob's "support" would have extended to a rope that he would have swam across the river and secured on the other bank for you to hurl yourself & Lynskey across against the raging torrent, don't most Randonneurs carry a rope for just such occasions? Don't fret there is stil the ride next Saturday.

it is obvious that at least 3 people are not out riding this morning.

There is a bit of a cloud hanging over next weeks ride as well Bill.

Wheeny Ck does not have large catchment, should decline fairly quickly when rain stops. I would just tell everyone to carry extra water and not worry about the support, plenty of shops except for last 50 or so? Spoken with all the authority of someone who has not done the ride.

Where are all these shops? The 200km course has St Albans at 88km, Wisemans Ferry at 108km and there are a few places along River Rd I think. But nothing at Sackville and nothing from there on.

For the 116km course there is no store, I'm certain.

I'm OK with this, but are others?

creek crossings weren't the only problem out there today.

As you say the 200 riders get it easy with options (water at least) at the ski club / park at 55 and the shop at Clifftonville rd at 122. I have not investigated but I recall a toilet / change block looking building in Stanley Park at East Karrajong next to the School of Arts and RFS station (might be a tap behind those too)at 69 / 116, again maybe only water but I usually carry food for a week anyway. A tribute to the course designer to construct a 116km ride almost in Sydney that has no shops, very audacious!
Lynskey & I will head up that way mid-late morning tomorrow so we will have a look
Confirming that there are toilets and a tap in the building located in Stanley Park, no doors so not locked, access down the side of the East Kurrajong School of Arts. There are also toilets behind the School of Arts but locked but the is also an more accessible tap there as well, just in front of the toilets, much closer to the road if you only need water.

I am looking doubtful for Saturday as I am working in Melbourne this week and like back late on Friday.
Good find Bill. I like to ride a Kurragong loop Robert introduced me to a while ago. It comes up Old East Kurragong Rd which joins East Kurragong Rd just down the road from the school of arts. Good to know.

great info Bill, thank you. I'll put this on the cue sheet and documentation tonight.


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