I'm told that the interest in riding dirt is increasing, certainly true for me. A chance to get onto the road less travelled, listen to the crunch of stones under your tyres.
A pretty and challenging ride over mixed terrain in the lower Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury basin.
Will the ride live up to the hype?
With 67km of dirt on the 116km course and close to 90km on the 200km course the challenging aspect should not disappoint.
Pretty? well there is River Road which is the best stretch of road close to Sydney. Travelling through Wollemi National Park is quite special, not much of this ride is not special.
Come and prove me wrong.
Rides start at 6:30am, 100km course riders ride within daylight hours so no special lighting requirements, 200km riders will need fulfil Audax lighting and reflective top requirements.

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I'm in trouble baa baa, I have 2 bikes with 38mm tyres and one with 2.1 dashes.

Funny, when I design circuit boards I refer to the track widths in thou. 8 thou for a relatively thin track, 100 thou for a heavy duty high current track and micro pin pitches in the 20 thou region are just solderable by my shaky hands and some sight assistance.

Nice. Riding glasses with built in visor.

Tyres with the same mm, or even with a couple of dashes, could be distinguishable by that much needed TPI count...

In my day to day world of what 14–25 µm (or microns) has done, is doing or will be doing, I would never get away with that sort of sight assistance. Do you have a expertise in crystal ball circuit boards? I really need one of those that works.

Sorry. My fault. I should have told Robert 2.2" instead of 62mm. 

2.2 dashes, WTF are those?

2.2 inches young fella, inches.

is it normal to have a decimal fraction of an imperial measurment?

yeah, dumb question

Bloody engineers. ;-)

the dirt is ready and waiting


7:15am start this year. This allows descent of Mountain lagoon Road in daylight and also makes it possible for the riders of the 100km distance to go sans Audax requirment of lighting and vest.

"Velvet pillows, safari parks, sunglasses: people have become woolly mice.
They still have bodies that can walk for five days and four nights through a desert of snow, without food, but they accept praise for having taken a one-hour bicycle ride.
‘Good for you.’
Instead of expressing their gratitude for the rain by getting wet, people walk around with umbrellas.
Nature is an old lady with few suitors these days, and those who wish to make use of her charms she rewards passionately.”
from Tim Krabbe’s, The Rider
and on that note, fuck the city, I'm off into the aussie bush to get covered in mud, jump rocks, cross creeks and get thoroughly wet and exhausted.
But won't your bike get dirty?

Have a great ride, I have a bit of catching up to do after Parkes and working this week in Melbourne so won't get to enjoy the fun, will do some practice for Loopy instead on Sunday.


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