Is this happening to anyone else?

I've noticed some posts seem to load up, flash themselves on the screen for a brief moment, before disappearing , making it look like a blank post.


It has happened to me for Nick's post on IE, Firefox and on two different PCs in different environments.


Some helmet cams printscreens attached.




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PS: I'm thinking it might have also happenned to one of Etienne de Briquenell's posts which may have been deleted since then. 

Yep, same thing happens to me when I try Nick's post.
+1. Tricky Nicky! ;-)
Works for me.....

Yes, as a workaround (as opposed to trying to catch it with a print screen within 1 sec ), I took the page source, and when it was opened it locally, the text stays there.


I use Firefox v3.6.15 at home on Windows 7 machine and at work on Mac OS v10.5 (I think) and have no probs like that.
Well, la-de-da! ;-)
yeah - i thought it was weird i couldn't see it!


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