Is anyone doing this?
Last day for registration 7th April ( that's Sunday, daylight savings day change folks)
Ride itself is on the 21st April


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No one?
Look I'll even throw in a food fair nearby.

Sorry, but I'm signed up for The Great Ocean Otway Classic that weekend.

Why do so many events seem to be doubled up or so close together?

Two main reasons:

1) There are lots of events (which is surely a good thing)

2) Organisers tend to avoid running them either in the middle of summer of middle of winter

Me and a few of my friends - doing the 110 under protest.

How is that a protest? Should do the 160 course as a protest. They can't stop ya! :-)

protesting because the 160k was cancelled??

And yes Chris - I wanted to do the longer distance. 

Gee - people make me be literal all the time!!

OK protesting is too strong a word.  Whining and complaining to nobody who has any influence over the decision is probably more apt.

I wanted to but can't (Mrs Ubu's significant birthday).

Just one plea to those who are - please keep left. It's open roads and there was a really nasty crash at the start of one of last year's waves from people attempting to jockey for position in the first few kilometres and overtaking up the right-hand lane (so cyclists were spread across both sides of the road).

Nek minnit a car comes the other way, hundreds of cyclist attempt to funnel back in to the left lane, and two in to one dunt go.

I heard there were rolling closures.

(whatever that means)

I found the source of that.

What’s changed?
As a valued past participant of the nab B2B, we write to inform you of this and a range of other
changes, including:
• The Extreme Course will not be held in 2013
• We will have both static and rolling road closures for the whole of this year’s event.

Good to know. Rolling closures means they only close the section of road the race is on at that time, not the whole road from start to finish. Saw it work very well at the JHST in 2011, motorbike cops go ahead and pull over traffic coming towards the race until the race has passed, cops at the back stop traffic from overtaking. Cops who stopped the oncoming traffic then roll back to the front to stop more traffic again, so you need a couple of escort units up front - one that's stopping traffic and the other riding ahead to the next stoppage.

Not sure how it'd work on a race like B2B which tends to get so fractionated early on.


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