If you are a BNSW member and yet to cast your vote electronically 

(search your spam folders for TrueVote ) 


Bicycle NSW records show you are eligible to vote in this ballot.

There are three candidates standing for two board vacancies.

Jonathan Leighton, David Maywald, Peter Duncan

Candidate Statements

Voting is open from 6:00PM Friday 16 November 2017 until 6:00PM Friday 7 December 2017 AEDT.
You can vote any time during this period. Voting outside this period will not be accepted.

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David  Maywald is the person behind the petition http://www.sydneycyclist.com/forum/topics/petition-for-pro-active-m...

Disclosure : I've been working with him on that initiative and like his 'multi pronged  approach' from : grassroots level ; Clubs ; BNSW (and others) ; various social medias ; pollies ; getting FOIs ,  poster campaigns(forth coming) etc etc ; and has managed to get the issue positively published in various media. 



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