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Last weekend I attempted to cycle from Botany to Cronulla via the Alexandria canal pathway.  On arriving at the airport there was some construction happening and I tried to follow the signs to Kymeeah.  It was such a confusing state as the path weekly led to a very busy road withholding of cycle access heading south.  If anyone is familiar with this area, is it still possible for cyclists to pass through heading south?  

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You are supposed to detour over the canal on the footbridge to Tempe Park and join the Brighton cycleway at Princes highway bridge over Cooks River. Footpath on the Marsh St bridge is narrow and only for northbound cyclists, unless they have changed it recently. There is an easy to miss No Bikes sign on the path leading to the bridge. Use with care or walk bike, it's probably quicker than the detour.
Detour shown here

When the road works are finished cyclists will have a cyclepath over the bridge on the south side of Marsh St, hopefully easily accessed from the Alexandria Canal path. Also an improved path along northwest side of Marsh St south of the bridge. No widening of the footpath over the bridge on that side however.

Wow, that's a huge detour! No motorist would accept that as reasonable (not that RMS would ever make motorists detour that far), yet this is the norm for cyclists. That really gives you an idea of where we rank in RMS' view of road users.

Just noticed the date on that announcement. 


Very apt! 

It's just as Bob says.

There used to be signs on the path around the airport indicating the detour via Tempe Park but they had disappeared when I rode through there a week ago for the first time in a couple of months.

The area where the Tempe Park path rejoins Marsh Street was a real mess as well. I ended up having to ride through the Mercure carpark.

Apart from the ill-maintained, "Brisbane to Sydney via Melbourne" type Cooks River detour, the options are poor. 

You used to be able to kind of feel your way under the pedestrian underpasses near the Int'l terminal and rejoin Marsh St westbound from the airport carpark exit - but this puts you in sometimes fast-moving traffic (off peak) with limited buffer options. 

Or as Bob said, go pedestrian and walk bike over the north/eastbound Marsh st bridge footpath - although some people ride it carefully. Haven't seen any enforcement of the no bikes south/westbound. If you do this please be considerate to peds and bikes riding east/north.

The whole thing is a shambles. 

Thank you all.  I'll give this another go sometime in the near future.

Is the footpath on the northern side of the bridge open?


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