Bourke Rd cycleway part-removal near Gardeners Rd Mascot (WestConnex)

From a FB post from Clover Moore over the weekend. I no longer ride it as have moved from the middle-ring south, so haven't seen the changes in person. 


WestConnex contractors have torn up one of our safe, separated bike lanes without consultation or notification and with no alternate route or signage. *Please be careful if you're cycling along Bourke Road near Gardeners Road.*


Last night, we heard from cyclists that part of the Bourke Road cycleway had been removed and we’ve spent all day trying to get to the bottom of it. When it became clear, we were horrified.


No consultation, notification or any kind of alternative. Cyclists heading down Bourke Road found the dual-direction cycleway was all of a sudden gone, with no protection between them and oncoming traffic. It is a miracle no one was hurt.


The speed with which the concrete safety barriers were removed, and green cycleway painted over black, is extraordinary when you consider that no time was taken to inform us or the community this was happening, or consider the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.


Today we spoke to RMS who said the cycle path is closed and will be for 18 months. We demanded they immediately install barriers where the cycleway closure is, to stop cyclists entering the road traffic. It's not a great solution for cyclists but at least no one will get hurt. You can see the barriers and accompanying, pathetic signage in these photos.


We’re asking them what the alternate route/traffic management plan is. Meanwhile, cycleway users are spat onto a narrow footpath, which is illegal for them to ride on.


I will update you on the Bourke Road cycleway changes when we know more. For now, please ride cautiously in this area and tag any friends who may ride here, so they're aware and safe too.

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It's amazing

Not really, fully expected, nothing gets (stays) in the way of WasteConnex bulldozers

It's amazing as when Clover announced traffic calming measures to deal with WestConnex traffic in this article 2 days ago :

or full DailyTele link :

"A Roads and Maritime Service spokesman said a traffic management plan was required for all proposals to close roads or change existing traffic flow, and that no proposal for this work had yet been received from the City."


So did RMS approve of the changes to Bourke St Cycleway? Or is WestConnex exempt from the RMS rules the Councils have to follow? Or is just the case of letting the cyclists get endangered? 

I called the complaint line and was told that, contrary to Clover's email, the CofS was notified of the closure two months ago. Not that I necessarily believe them.

Its possible the guy handling the complaint meant the RMS was notified (and that the RMS didn't then notify the CofS)?

The 10 March notice that KimR has linked to further down this page related to the cycleway (?) in Bourke St Mascot on the southern side of Gardeners and not in Bourke Rd on the northern side which has been partly removed apparently without any notice (and the subject of Clover's message). I haven't been there myself to see the extent but will go that way on Saturday on the way to Tempe Velo for the classic bike show.

The map in that notice also shows Bourke Rd opposite  Bunnings as part of the works zone.But doesn't identify this section as a cycleway.

It seems that WastyCon can do as it pleases.

I expect a traffic management plan from CoS will be forthcoming. I wonder though what might get nixed by RMS even on council roads. I can also see them responding by making more RMS roads clearways.

Such as King St Newtown.

In the end, I wonder if it will come down to removing more on-street parking.

They also seem to have lost the promised Euston Road cycling facility.

Special powers to not consult or be accountable. I hate the WestyCon people,  and I hate the regime even more.

And there's no realistic alternative.  Ride illegally on an unsuitable footpath.  Ride in busy traffic which can't safely pass you.

According to West connex FB page, this notice went out

Not much help for cyclist who don't live in area. Is shared path on East side actually there?

Can you post a link to their FB post? I can't seem to find it.

I was having a look at it today and I can't see anyway for cyclists to safely and legally navigate the location.  This is a major route, its like closing the Princess Hwy for 18 months


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