Hi all,

I rode the Bourke Road cycleway the other day for the first time in a while and the condition is atrocious! Massive amount of uneven surfaces, dirt, sand and debris, worn away surface colours and line markings, etc. It's a very unpleasant ride.

Has anyone heard about any improvement or repair plans before I email the council?

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Very true, thought the same last time I when that way, with mental note to avoid it in future. No repairs to road/path/utility trenches has been done for years and years. There are major WasteConnex associated road works planned by State govt including a road bridge over the canal at the bottom of Campbell Rd connecting to Bourke Rd and while I have no specific current knowledge I have fears the cycleway may not be long for this world as the plan seems to be for Bourke Rd to be an even bigger traffic sewer, perhaps one way. Also all tied up with the Airport / WasteConnex link which may destroy the cycleway along Airport Drive. The Liberals haven't finished their war on bicycle riders yet.

In fact if you look at the current google maps satellite photo you can see the six lane bridge over the canal and road works heading towards the Bourke Rd path at the bend opposite Bunnings, not sure the cycleway is going to be there much longer. The original concept plans for the bridge had an elevated cycleway down Campbell Rd and over the bridge but I don't know how much of that got into the final plan, from past form probably little to none?

The COS has been requiring land owners along the canal who what to redevelop to set aside a few metres width along the canal for a shared path and a couple of sections had been built but are completely unassessable and rest might take decades especially as ex Botnay council dropped the ball in their sections of the canal. The latest CoS cycleway map shows two of these sections, one to the south of the new bridge and one at the far north end of the canal where becomes a large drain


Now a separated Foot and Cycleway down the north side of Campbell to Alexandra Canal. I think it will continue to Bourke Rd and on to Gardeners Rd.


Why am I not surprised that the grand elevated cycleway becomes a street level footpath in the final plan as the same cost cutting of active elements occurs with all these projects

The reason the bike path is along Bourke road is that its. controlled by COS.  A much. better route would of been along Alexandra canal but that's controlled by the NSW Govt who have different transportation priorities 

Some previous discussions with plans and "artist's impressions" of the Campbell Rd bridge which is now substantially finished but no sign of the elevated cycleway. Bourke Rd is going to have a huge increase in traffic and I fear they won't want anoying cyclists slowing things down



and I came across this 2011 discussion wherein I made a bold bet which given that it is now less than 6 months to 2020 I fell pretty safe regarding maintaining my modesty


"..It will take the serious commitment of the State Government to get the canal cycleway finished and I will ride naked up Bourke Rd if the canal route is finished before 2020!.."

Dobbed yourself in there Bill

Did you mean 3020?

It will all be 100m under water by then

And we’ll be fighting for canoe paths.

At 100m depth Bob, you'd be dodging the coal ships.

Problem solved for Adani, float it right out.


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