Hi all,

I rode the Bourke Road cycleway the other day for the first time in a while and the condition is atrocious! Massive amount of uneven surfaces, dirt, sand and debris, worn away surface colours and line markings, etc. It's a very unpleasant ride.

Has anyone heard about any improvement or repair plans before I email the council?

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Win-Win really, the coastline and therefore the port moves inland, closer to the mine, less distance to transport the coal and the coal ships can take a direct route as they wont have worry about that reef any more. Minor downside in that all the coastal Qld ( and worldwide) cities & towns will also be under 100m of water but this gives lots more people the benefit of moving to outback (now coastal) Qld, small price to pay for those hundreds of jobs in 2020, ScMo the visionary 

rode it the other day ..can't take your eye off the ball . i rode from sydney park to pick up the cycleway near THE GROUNDS .

I forgot to update this thread, sorry!

I got a call back from CoS and they let me know that they've had to relinquish control of that corridor to RMS (or whatever they are called nowadays!) due to the Westconnex works that are happening. This means they are unable to do any remedial or other works on the cycleway at this point. All he could do was forward my concerns to RMS, which he did.

Unfortunately it's been handed from a govt organisation that see's cycling positively to a govt organisation that has a lower focus on cycling.  When is Westconnex finished?

Current works are focussed on the Gardeners Rd Bridge and widening the surrounding roads.

Issues can be reported to the Community Relations Team
1800 660 248
Can't guarantee a resolution, eg. they didn't fix the recent flooding at Gardeners (said it existed before their project) but we (BIKEast / Bicycle NSW) did get an asphalt strip put in for the kerb lips (South of Gardeners) - unfortunately following reports of someone falling.

(Bayside Council have confirmed Westconnex will reintstate the separated cycleway along here)

There are e-newsletter updates you can subscribe to - by emailing info@newm5.com.au with your:

  • Full name
  • Residential address, and
  • Email address

Planned to finish early 2020.

Here's our BIKEast write up of the cycling commitments from the Westconnex (New M5) project - 


Hope this helps.

Excellent work Yvonne.

looks like they are going to continue the bike path on Campbell St over Bedwin Rd Rail Bridge to Link with Edgeware Rd, with a clip on bridge.  Went past yesterday and the new path up from Unwins Rd just stopped before the bridge, but I guess the clip on will follow. Will open up access from that end of Marrickville.

Is that a replacement for the elevated pedestrian/cycleway?

Westconnex Community update September 2015

Wow, I came in late to the project, I've never seen those images.

The clip-on bridge that Bob is referring to is 5.7 – Campbell Street and Bedwin Road connections (See Page 40 – New M5 Westconnex – B51 Pedestrian & Cycle Implementation Strategy.)

The ones pictured in the Sep 2015 update are -

The shared bridge across Campbell Rd under 5.3 – St Peters Interchange cycle path to connect to the 5.5 – St Peters Interchange (SPI) Recreation Area.

(See Page 32 – New M5 Westconnex – B51 Pedestrian & Cycle Implementation Strategy.)

However, there seems to be some ongoing discussion with the landowners around whether this bridge is needed as it will require expensive maintenance.

- Is the SPI Recreation Area a significant / busy enough place that requires an overpass / bridge?

- Is a crossing sufficient?

This one must be the crossing of Alexandra Canal at the Campbell Rd, but I don't think it's going to look like that.

(See Page 15 – Appendix C – Campbell Street Green Link Sub-Plan)

Cyclists have the opportunity to use a shared path on the northern side of the new Campbell Road
Bridge. (See Page 23 - New M5 - B50 Pedestrian and Cyclist Network Review)

Other bits outlined in our BIKEast Westconnex New M5 – Active Transport Network (Cycling and W....

All the "artist's impressions" of active transport / cycling infrastructure are just lies that never get built, what about the "clip-on" path we were promised for the March St bridge, the Campbell St "elevated cycleway" has become a shared footpath with lots of opportunity for waiting meekly at numerous multi-stage pedestrian lights next to motor vehicle sewers.

So I expect they will remove the Bourke Rd path, much has gone already, and they will remove the Airport Drive path but they may allow us to use the footpath on the Princes Highway or take your chances with the trucks on the highway

Clover / Sydney Water are almost finished some great looking paths beside / on top of Sheas Ck (drain) between Maddox St and Huntley St and to the start of the Canal but that looks like it

There's been a history of;

1. Big project gets announced

2. Details of big project includes lovely cycleway

3. lovely cycleway gets severely downgraded or completely canned siting cost or an objection 

Oh, I thought Bourke Rd is just temporary while they're doing widening works.

The Bourke St separated path between Gardeners Rd and Church Ave and will be reinstated by Westconnex (Bayside Council has confirmed this).  However the Mascot station needs precinct masterplanning as it's not working for anyone (1000 pedestrians on the zebra crossing per hour) so there may be changes in the future.

This was our BIKEast submission for Sydney Gateway - https://www.bikeast.org.au/bikeast/bikeast-submission-sydney-gatewa... - following discussion with Inner West, City of Sydney and Bayside Councils and Bicycle NSW.

We’ve identified major missing active travel links in the project:

  1. A connection from St Peters Interchange to the Alexandra Canal cycleway
  2. A direct, crossing of the Cooks River from the South towards the CBD
  3. Direct connections from the Alexandra Canal cycleway to T2, T3 and beyond, to the Bayside Council network
  4. A direct connection between Coward St and Sydenham station (and future Metro)


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