Hi all,

I rode the Bourke Road cycleway the other day for the first time in a while and the condition is atrocious! Massive amount of uneven surfaces, dirt, sand and debris, worn away surface colours and line markings, etc. It's a very unpleasant ride.

Has anyone heard about any improvement or repair plans before I email the council?

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Win-Win really, the coastline and therefore the port moves inland, closer to the mine, less distance to transport the coal and the coal ships can take a direct route as they wont have worry about that reef any more. Minor downside in that all the coastal Qld ( and worldwide) cities & towns will also be under 100m of water but this gives lots more people the benefit of moving to outback (now coastal) Qld, small price to pay for those hundreds of jobs in 2020, ScMo the visionary 

rode it the other day ..can't take your eye off the ball . i rode from sydney park to pick up the cycleway near THE GROUNDS .


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