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Been meaning to to post this for a while. I'm very pleased with the new cycleways in the city and ride the Bourke street one almost daily. Every time I ride it I'm reminded at what a sloppy job the contractors did. Now don't get me wrong this isn't a whinge just an observation. Have any of you managed to clip along at say 25KPH +? (yes probs too fast for this commuter system)

If you do you will notice the very uneven surface. I don't think they bothered with the 'big roller machine' or they only placed 1cm of tarmac which is now rippled and wavy. It always brings a smile to my face when I ride southbound and freewheel - You can't really sit on your seat and have to sort of take the weight on your legs as the wavey ride is enough to cause the bike to rock front to back and make your head bob. I think it's worse south of Cleveland street. 


Anyway just wondering if any other riders have noticed it. It's no Autobahn thats for sure although I hear it cost autobahn money! :):)


Yes I am also quite aware of the dangers on this cycleway - almost every trip i have to dodge skateboarders, runners, pedestrians. Funny how almost all these 'illegal cycleway users' assume they have the right to be on there. I've now slowed waay down on this strip after too many close calls. Only a matter of time before a fast roadie takes out a pedestrian or maybe that's already happened?

love the cycleways - just observations I've had from using them daily. It's fun when you know the 'tricks.'

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Mark - yep ive mentioned the ripple section between Boronia and Telopea as soon as it was made to Sydney Cycleways people - they did say they would look into it. Other sections are very nice and smooth - going up to Foveaux really is beautiful to ride as is William up to Liverpool - makes the trip up the hill a lot faster. Lots of quirks indeed - but as thousands start riding it - everyone will be going the same speed - under 15kph and the traffic lights will do the rest anyway - it really isn't for fast riders - they will go on Crown/Baptist. Like all roads and paths they will eventually resurface the whole cycleway again - tree roots etc - ripples will be ironed out.  The tree roots on the share path on Anzac Pde are worse.
You should try College St.

whoa. Bit of an axe to grind there @Ferdinand. No need to get personal mate. just pointing out, as have others, that from a layman's perspective the path doesn't really seem very........ flat. Not sure I agree about the machines either. I live on Bourke and watched, with eager anticipation, the building of the paths and I remember 'rolling machines' being used. Now I'm no expert on road/path building machinery but something that has an internal combustion engine and a whopping big roller would, in my mind, be classified as a machine. Pushed by hand or not.

Not sure comparing the cycleway to something worse - Enmore Rd -  really gets your point across either. " well if you think that's bad try....." hmmmm

As I said in my post - I love the cycleways (positive sentiment) and use them DAILY. Before them I was mixing it with the traffic on Bourke. I still see riders flying down Bourke (never up it surprisingly - Everyone's Cadel Evans going  downhill ;-) ) instead of using the cycleways but as an advocate of the cycleways I'd prefer it if they would use them! I've seen enough workers doing usage studies near Bourke Street Bakery so the more cyclists the better.

Honestly I really didn't think it was rocket science building paths. Sure there's political, social, NIMBY (what is nimby btw - yikes I'm annoyed I don't know that acronym) issues but laying some tarmac.... really?

Hopefully they will focus on completing the network first,
And then fix up all the (relatively) minor issues after that.

They certainly rolled it, and hammered it, and rolled it, and hammered it, and roller hammered it, again, and again, and then again. At least they did outside my house on Bourke Street. Making the 5 metres on my frontage vibrated me and the house for about 4 hours a day for several days.


@PeteFine - LOL - yes mate I remember the rolling and hammering too. Especially near the cleveland pub.

@Kylie - I almost did mech eng' myself before....... being persuaded to do something else. I watched a doco on the German Autobahn that you may find interesting. The engineering that went into that!! main thing I remember is the depth. Can't remember the specifics but normal roads run at 4cm and the autobahn runs 10cm thick! I made the numbers up but you get the idea. Must have cost a $$$$$$

No point having a fast smooth cycleway on Bourke because you have to keep hurtling to a halt because of the frigging light changes. You get like three seconds to cross so if you're not waiting at the light you miss it. Or I do. Going uphill.
Yes - 10kph is about what you'll need to travel - all those raised intersections are naked streets - first into them gets priority. Although the green bike lane going over Devonshire Street bikes and pedestrians have right of way (they do have a sign now at that intersection that says buses can go across the right of way and be in the way). As I said earlier - if you do want to go 20kph best to go in the car lane on Bourke St or use Crown. And yes the traffic lights will rule out any possible going fast anyway - might as well just cruise.

"wheeled recreational devices" i.e. skateboards are allowed on the paths...

If the surface is potentially going to cause safety concerns - i.e. reduce stopping distances, allow pooling of water & other hazardous substances, if you raise this with CoS i'm sure it'll be resolved.

Bourke St., College St., but also Kent St. cycleways are rougher than the adjacent roadway. It's the norm. I've always reasoned to myself that the people doing these cycle paths reckon on the average rider having the benefit of fat tyres, suspension, and sprung saddle. (Maybe that impression is gathered from their own family cycling experiences in the park.)
My own fault really that I ride rather fast on a rigid bike with 110psi in skinny tyres. And I don't mind too much so long as it's still legal to choose the roadway in preference to the cycleway.

Haven't found the original surface of the Bourke Street cycleway that much of an issue really, and some points I get up to 30 km/h, although only in the few sections I have had no issues. The naked intersection aprons and most other spots are 20km/h and covering the brakes. I bet I notice it now on the way home tonight though :(

Seems that in many casees now I know exactly where peds will step out without looking, but overal ped crossing compliance is markedly improved from the first few months when the joined cycleway opened.

The bigger issue I have on my ride is the chopped up surface along the Bourke Road cycleway after all the trench works, but that is a whole other cycleway with its seperate issues (although again I much prefer its existence that it not ebing there).




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