Bourke Street (Wooloomooloo end) Separated Cycleway Opening!

Another section of the Bourke Road/ Bourke Street cycling corridor will open on 01 July.


The new section between between Cowper Wharf Road and William Street in Wooloomooloo is made up of a separated cycleway and a path that is shared by pedestrians and cyclists near William Street.


Once completed, this seven kilometre north-south route will give riders from Alexandria and further south a convenient ride all the way to the City Centre.


It is now bookended with fully functioning cycleways on Bourke Road, Alexandria in the south and at nothern end of Bourke St, Woolloomooloo in the north.


Construction continues on the sections in between.


These openings are just the beginning of our upgrading of the cycling corridors in Sydney. We thank you for your support and patience.


To show your support and to get the latest on all our cycleway projects you can become a fan of Sydney Cycleways on Facebook.




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I also wandered down there at lunch. I noticed that in some places the footpaths are also closed (fences around big holes) where the only way past would be to walk out onto the not-yet-opened cycleway. You can just make out the truck of the paving contractor parked across the path in the photo above.
Still not opened, looks like work will be going on all day (a new hole being dug and works vehicles on the path as well as barriers. A few new "green" painted bits near intersections but on the path rather than roadway so not indicating bike priority?

If “City of Sydney Council” is monitoring this discussion can you have some authoritative answer to the pedestrian crossing question at the Eastern Distributor entry near William, can cyclists ride across or do they have to dismount to retain priority? This is going to be a conflict area and needs clarification, noting that there is a bicycle symbol on the ground just each side of the crossing

Otherwise great path and looking forward to using (all of it)

From the photo it looks like you could ride across to the right of the crossing, but you would have to check there were no vehicles turning across you, there is no right of way for a cyclist. Might be best to dismount if a lot of traffic. Needs some clarification, I agree. Off road paths suddenly get dangerous when they have to cross busy roads. This sort of hazard does give ammo to the anti clover crowd.
I actually think (hope) that the reason they are taking so long with every bit of cycleway - is they are checking all pipes - electricals - drainage beforehand because they know they can't come back to it later so easily - as it will be hard to get to from the road.
I hope the extra work on the pipes do not come out of the cycle budget.
Of course it comes out of the bike budget.

That is why all these projects seem to deliver so little for so much!
One would expect the utility companies to be funding the work on their own pipes, surely.

Let's lose the negativity about the cycleways and support Clover and the Council for being strong enough and committed enough to a better city for people over cars!

Bourke St cycleway is great!
Dear Clover,
I have just come home from cycling the full length of Bourke St/Bourke Rd from Woolloomooloo to Alexandria.
This will be a fantastic route when it is complete. Even now with its discontinuities it makes a huge difference to the ease of cycling through such a busy area.
The only concern I had was on the southern end through the industrial area. There is a long sweeping bend where there is a complete absence of median barriers for a couple of hundred metres which is a little disconcerting when cycling south with busy traffic coming north. Perhaps a few short sections of median could be strategically placed here between driveways to separate the cyclepath from the road.
Otherwise, it was a real pleasure to be able to traverse virtually the full length of the City by bicycle with very few traffic hassles.
I look forward to the continued development of Sydney's cycleways which will undoubtedly encourage many more people to use and enjoy sustainable transport.
Thank you again for your commitment to this vision.
Yours sincerely
I think i know the bit you are talking about with that sweeping bit on Bourke Rd - the problem is added to here by a speed hump in the road where there are no dividers between the road and cycleway. So all cars do is go totally into the cycleway to avoid the speed hump. I was going down this way and a merc just swerved right in front of me to do that maneuver. Other times obviously because im there cars just stick to the speed hump.

The best option is to remove the speed hump there.

I can sort of understand there being no divider in that area as there are two gates together for vehicles to exit or enter into Bourke Rd.
Hi all, please see the latest update on the Bourke Street cycleway below:

Green Paint
The use of Green Paint on the Bourke Street cycleway is being used in accordance with the RTA Guidelines. The paint is used where bikes and many cars intersect e.g. at busy driveways and at the cycleway entries at signalised intersections.

Slight delays
Unfortunately, an electrical service provider started some un-programmed upgrade works which has disrupted the cycleway completion. Additionally, some minor defect works are still being finished and will be undertaken over the next month.

A new intersection type.
The paved 'shared environment' intersection is a new intersection type and operates simular to a driveway. A pedestrian has the right of way. A bike rider or vehicle must give way to whoever is already in the intersection. As part of the RTA approval the intersection cannot be painted green.

Eastern Distributor entry ramp
A bike rider must give way to vehicles entering the ED or dismount and use the pedestrian crossing.

Sydney Cycleways on Facebook!
A great way of showing your support for the cycleway roll-out is by becoming a fan of Sydney Cycleways on Facebook. You can also visit the Sydney Cycleways website for more on the benefits of cycleways.

Thanks again, we'll make sure to keep you posted on all our latest developments.
Just rode on the cycleway over the weekend, great ride from surry hills down to woolloomooloo. Thanks for building the cycleway =)

looking forward to its completion
Hi CoS, can you give us an update what is happening with the Union Street cycleway?


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