How does everyone fare with rim brake pads in the rain? Mine seem to disappear rapidly as soon as it starts raining, and braking distance increases. I am using Shimano pads at the moment, but have ordered some Swissstop versions to see if that changes things.

Any personal preferences for brake pads in wet conditions? 

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Swissstop Flass Evo BXP are miles ahead of Shimano.

The stock SRAM Force and RED ones are great, but hard to get.

Sounds good, the Flash Evo BXP are the pads i have ordered. 

Interesting about the stock SRAM Force and RED pads, i'll check those out for next time. Is the mount the same between SRAM and Shimano brake calipers?

The pads fit Shimano and SRAM. 

Actually, Bike Bug in North Sydney might keep the SRAM ones.

Nobody else does, and Wiggle, Chain Reaction etc don't.

Awesome, thanks!

Some rims work better than others in the wet too.... I changed Mavic (Exalith) out for Shimano (Dure Ace) and the improvement was huge.

I was on the brink of going disc but now there is just no need.


My Lynskeys have cable disks. Ebike has a front cable disk and rear rim brake. My carbon toy has rim brakes, and while it's a nice bike to ride, I really miss those disk brakes!

Disc brakes are amazing, i have SLX hydraulics on my mountain bike and they stop the bike very quickly. I guess tyre size and tread play a part as well. 

Interesting about the change between rims - do you think it was due to the Exalith coating? I considered trying the Exalith wheels but went with some Fulcrum (racing zero) wheels instead. Other manufacturers seems to offer a similar coating - DT Swiss with their oxic coating and Fulcrum has something as well.

Hi JoshS

The Mavic Exalith rims are ribbed/grooved and when braking in the wet you get vibrations fed back to the brake levers and not a lot of stopping power.

In the dry they are magic. The other down side is if you crack a carbon spoke (and I managed to do that) it is a long, tedious and expensive process to order in the spoke/parts required.

They were super light weight and sexy but I take practical and effective over that any day!



how old are the brakes? They deteriorate as they get older.

ignore what i posted your talking about rim brakes....

I go through the shimano resin ones pretty quick when it is wet - the metal pads last about twice as long (but some people don't like their feel and they can be a bit noiser). They are pretty quick to change out and cheap so im  not too fussed.

I should try swisstop though.


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