How does everyone fare with rim brake pads in the rain? Mine seem to disappear rapidly as soon as it starts raining, and braking distance increases. I am using Shimano pads at the moment, but have ordered some Swissstop versions to see if that changes things.

Any personal preferences for brake pads in wet conditions? 

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i collected my Swissstop BXP pads a few days ago, but have not had a chance to try them yet as my bottom bracket needs some TLC. seems rain and grit is neither good for brake pads nor bottom brackets :)

Not good.
Properly installed, modern bottom brackets are well sealed and quite impervious to water. 

The only trouble spot is debris building up right in close between the crank and the BB outer seals, wearing the seals away. Hard to clean in there without doing more seal damage.

But, some shops sometimes do not install the inside sealing tube to protect the brgs from water and debris inside the frame, which to me is crazy.

I note on the Bikebug web site that the SRAM pads are made by Swissstop, So I feel happy my anecdotal experience lines up with some reality ;-)

Good luck with your BB!  



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