Driver inattentiveness, apart from vehicle speeding and parking where we should be able to ride, is a terrible problem for cyclists.

I'm currently in India where I ride every year. It appears chaotic on the roads here but is's actually safe because people are paying attention. In Australia mobile phones have made cycling far more dangerous as they have taken away driver attention which was not great to begin with. It seems just a matter of time before we are run down.

So this news item is great to read.

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Sad but interesting that his friend who was working with him on this sort of system was killed by a driver of a car in LA in 2013.

Sure hope some detection system gets put in, drivers are just out of control. Are there other ways of doing it- blocking of texting on mobiles in motion etc?

Blocking would surely be circumvented.

Detection and prosecution have revenue opportunities, so seem to be the way things will go.


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