Broadcast quality camera on Anzac bridge this 'arvo

Riding home west bound on Anzac bridge there was a a bloke and large broadcast quality camera at the very bottom just where the speed bumps and left turn bend are. He had the camera pointed at the sky as I rode past but the security guard bizarrely just wandered directly into my path as I slowed to take the corner. 

No TV Station logos on the camera I could see. 

Camera Guy is indicated by red arrow as security guard wanders straight out in front of me, seemingly deliberately not looking at me. 

Camera Guy - what are they up to I wonder? 

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If you`ve got Airzound,then blast at him for not looking out for riders in the 1st place.

Or report the security company that he had endangered riders coming down by deliberately not looking in the 1st place or he had done it on purpose.

Don't use an airzound on a sharepath.  its completely out of scale for pedestrian interactions, and doubly so on a path where you are required to give way to the pedestrians anyway - since vision is restricted in that area, you shouldn't be charging through the first part of the S bend at 40, and should be able to stop if required.  He is likely there for 8 hours, he isn't going to stand still all day, and he is going to look around instead of close all the time.  Its an impossibly boring job, he is going to make mistakes.

I don't think that many news organisations want to risk doing a cyclist beatup on the Rozelle sharepath system though, because the unfortunate statistics right now are pedestrians killed by motorists : 2, pedestrians killed by cyclists : 0, which is not a good look for their advertisers (car insurers, car importers) - they probably don't want to draw attention to it - shameful but that's the way reporting is working in this country these days.

The reality is that both the curve and the dip are pointless, that there is ample space for 2 paths after the bridge proper, and that since we have the technology to build the path on stilts or on an earth bank, the entire dip should be removed which would not impact average transit times at all, but would reduce peak collision speeds, and reduce the total climbing burden on casual riders (and pedestrians).  It remains remarkable that even when the land exists to make a sharepath safe, and when the land alongside it is extraordinarily generously overprovisioned for motorists, that they still wont use land that is there to make the path safe.

If they raised the cycleway then an slip exit on the south side down and under to a new path across the old goods yard towards Robert St in Rozelle could be incorporated. An entry ramp up on the other side for city bound cyclists, reducing collision risks.

sounds like a setup.

drive a car down the path instead, no one will bat an eye

Does look like RMS may be doing some investigations on the hazards there. They should remove the highly dangerous concrete block planter and reroute the path up from under the bridge to come out further west where visibility would be better.

...concrete block planter ( with no vegetables/ chokos growing in it)....

Also seems that quite a few film/ tv students use the 'Zac bridge for film work. I guess/ thinking about it that they now do and know that they should have magic yellow danger tape or warning signs about.

Apparently the war in the middle east has been resolved and global warming has been reversed so that leaves push bike riding as the next most important thing to report


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