During the week, my bike was stolen from Sydney domestic airport. It was locked with two thick cable locks. The ones made out of multiple threads of wire and covered in plastic. Given I go here every week, can any body recommend a bike lock that is impregnable?

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I don't think anything is bullettproof.

The best advice I've seen is to present the thief with two types of lock-breaking challenges, rather than one.

They may have something to get through a cable lock (bolt cutters), or a D-type lock (jack/lever), but if you have a cable lock AND a D-lock, they're unlikely to have both tools at their disposal.

Sorry to hear of your loss... why in the fsck doesn't the domestic airport have somewhere safe to lock up bikes? They have enough security around the place.
Dunno how much security the domestic airport has, bikies manage to beat each other to death in the arrivals hall with little intervention....

I think they spend most of their money on staff to ensure you get gouged every time you drop someone off or pick them up. $7.50 for half an hour of parking; $4.00 to rent a trolley so's your mum can carry her suitcases 100m. Gotta love MacBank.
Agree with the 2 types approach. Don't have a need for it with my commutes, but the products from pinhead locks look like they'd be damned hard to remove without the key.

For the 2nd approach, stainless steel cable is lighter than high tensile steel and can not be cut by the average bolt cutter. For about $16, you can get a 2m cable made up at a boating supplier with 5 mm cable, and a plastic tube sleeve, with a couple of loops swaged on the end (with thimbles). Then get a protected shackle lock (from bunnings, $23 or $35 for their cheapest two by masterlock); ordinary padlocks are too easy to beat with leverage or hammer attacks.

This should make getting your bike much more difficult than any other bike in the area. Of course, if its a $7000 CF bling bike with $2000+ wheels, it's worth it for a thief to spend $700 on a portable grinder that might beat the pinhead locks etc.,.
Amongst my collection of bicycles is a crap one that I use for commuting when it needs to left in questionable locations.

I'm wondering if there is any security footage of it being stolen?
Sydney domestic airport? Was it at a bike rack? Did the security guards take it?

Nothing is bullet proof.

Don't commute on a bling bike and think about where you put it for long periods of time. (its a game of odds the less people see it the less people think about stealing it)

You can break a top of the range u-lock in seconds just by freezing it.

That being said you locks are the best.
unless you leave a top of the range chain at your bike locking destination.
Choice Magazine recently did a review of bicycle locks, and they recommended the ABUS Sinero D-lock as the best option. All the other locks (especially cable locks) they cut through eventually.
chris, would you have the link to the choice article. I had a look and couldn't find the link
"an email was sent around requesting that cyclists make other arrangements for bike parking.."

I love that.. find 'other arrangements' that obviously don't involve the building/carpark/premises in any way, shape or form.
And who do they send the invoice or bill to?

"...but that was too hard ..."
I presume that means too expensive.
Given who you work for and what they're supposed to stand for, that's beyond ironic, it's just plain crazy. I now have bike racks right outside (one of) my office(s). Haven't seen anyone with a hacksaw at them, and they're on one of the main routes into the facility, so it would be very obvious.

Hi Rory,

I always used 2 different Abus locks and never, never ever parked my good bike somewhere. My tactic was too have something better standing around with less efforts to steal. This way my bike would get spared. Worked great.
I chose ABUS because they always came out best in reviews and tests.

Sad to say it was $200 worth of locks for a $800 bike but what can you do.

As no lock is 100% full proof, insurance always worked for me.


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