Seems like registration and a video didn't help much here. What was that Jilly "2GB" Gibson? "should be licensed and registered so ... can be penalised ...".

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Cyclist overtakes driver, driver gets enraged, driver follows cyclist with some horn beeping, driver catches up to cyclist, driver gets out of van and punches cyclist who falls to the ground.

All clearly caught on camera. Footage is taken to police, who accept its veracity, but are only able to caution the driver rather than charge him because he has no criminal record.

I guess if they can't charge him he will never get a criminal record. I can see the logic there. Um, no I can't.

Actually they can charge the driver, the police used 'guidelines' to choose not to. And the cyclist's disposition was a part of that choice.

More specifically the as the driver admitted the cyclist was given the option of the driver receiving a caution, and for some reason declined. That's a shame, since a caution does get recorded on someone's record. Maybe the cyclist was persuaded to opt for a 'local resolution' instead caution by police not properly informing him at the time. IDK.

Flawed as their system is, the UK is enjoying a reduction in crime rates. Also reduced speed limits, lots of participation, no MHL, Boris bikes and a few naked streets even.

Thanks - glad my attention span is too short to have watched that. Not to belittle the posting, but I've had an unhappy week without this adding to it. Might have to make a trip over to Leichhardt, cheer myself up.

EDIT: bugger, missed it.

I remember when all commuters carried one of these ....

I like your thinking John..

Problem being, the cyclist then gets charged for assault using a deadly pump..

Although, seeing as no-one was watching, he could always claim SMIDSY while he was pumping up his rear tyre which went flat somehow and he accidentally hit the driver (repeatedly)

he accidentally hit the driver (repeatedly) `

Claims that the pump got excited of contacting him and wants to feel the skin of the driver.

"I was just trying to straighten a bent rim and didn't realise your head was in the way until the third or fourth stroke!"

According to the dumb Brit rules, if the cyclist had a clean record, he wouldn't be charged either.

In the early '80's when I rode in the city a fair bit, I saw pumps raised in anger several times. Just the threat of fighting back was enough to chill the motorists. I can't remember anybody coming to blows.

I carry my D-lock in my belt for this reason - having almost been set upon by a group of jerks.

My Dutch bike still does, I just hope I never have to use it, either defensively or pneumatically.

Top tube cross check...


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