Off overseas for a ride and taking the bike with me. Found 2 shops that rent hard cases from 80 pweek to 100 per week. ebay even has one for $30 per week (or maybe I read it wrong) but its pick up in Victoria only!
Given that I found one on sale for $339 (free delivery as well..... then it is hard to justify the rent vs buy argument.

Issue is that the wife patience is wearing thin on the expense front, so does anyone know of cheaper rentals for hard shell bike case?

Appreicate the help

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Why do you need a hard shell case? Cardboard boxes and some bubblewrap is just as good.

I am assuming that you are only going on day trips and aren't doing an actual bike tour. If you are bike touring your going to have fun carting around the case.
Sorry Kim, one of the issues with trying to take short cuts and not giving the full facts - like Carbon Frame and off for a cycle around Lake Taupo (can highly recommend - I took the bike via cardboard box last year but this is becoming an annual thing .
I think you answered your original question. If it is becoming an annual thing then it could be safe to assume that you will be using it quite a few times (more than 4 times). If you go further and assume that the rental costs will increase each year, you would be even better off to purchase one.

looking at the pictures you could almost fit your cycling clothes in the spaces. Then your better half would have more room in the regular suitcase for her stuff.

Livelo in the Sydney CBD has Scicon Aerocomfort 2 bike bags for rent. The great thing about these is the only work you have to do to the bike is take the wheels off. 

Hi Peter

Thanks for that I will check it out.

I borrowed a similar one of a mate and they are a dream to travel with


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