My original Fly6 has died and I have been looking to get a new one. The only problem is that I can't find one to buy, at least not in Australia. Does anyone know what has happened to the stock of Fly6 cameras?

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Shocking! you seem to be right! 

Even on their webpage

I had one Fly6 which battery refused to charge, after a few goes at trying to flash the rom etc, they finally approved for me to send it back for a replacement 

Why not try from Ebay,that-bike-shop seller from UK for $185.26c? Only got 3 left but by the time I posted it and it will go down.

After my Fly6 battery life dropped to less than an hour I contacted Cycliq and they gave me a nice discount on a replacement. Try contacting them, they may help.

my original one died, I got a replacement which had very short battery life, got that replaced with another that has very short battery life.

I give up

I can normally restore the battery life using SD Formatter. The quick format makes no difference but the FULL (overwrite) format which takes more than an hour seems to work.

I know the techs asked me to do it several times as well, but for the life of me I can't understand why the contents of the SD card makes a difference to the battery

In my case it didn't work, and even swapping in a card from another working Fly6 didn't make any difference

it won't be about the contents, it will be about writing into non sequential locations and writing location data in the file allocation table.

Ok, I suppose that's makes some sort of sense in Drastic's shorten battery life scenario.

My case was that the battery refused to hold a charge and pretty much wouldn't start at all even with: 

a/ the previously working SDcard , (which would work in another Fly6 without any issues),

b/ a reformatted SDcard

c/ without any SDcards

d/ the original SD card

e/ swapping in a card from another currently working Fly6 

My Fly6 developed an issue with keeping the SD card in the slot,  was out of warranty but they offered me a replacement upgrade from version 1 to new version at cost.

Have you spoken to them about "upgrade"

Ah.. a new fly 6 has been revealed. The Fly 6 [v]. I actually thought they were up to version 3. $199, but I'm not sure that includes delivery.

As for asking about the possibility of an "upgrade", that is unlikely for me due to an element of user error in the demise of my camera.

I wonder whats new in the latest version?


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