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I took the kids to school today on the Nihola and an ice cream truck driver started beeping behind me as I ascended Campbell Street hill going to Crown Street Public School in Surry Hills.  I have an electric motor given the fact that I am probably carrying 150 kg. (self, 2 kids, school bag, cargo trike itself)  So, I am not slow.  Anyway, I heard him start to accelerate to pass me on the LEFT and then he shouted "Get on the left side of the road.  $#%& and a few other things."  Of course, I shouted, "I am legally entitled to ride in the middle of a road just as a car, you idiot."  By this time, he had passed me but came within several cm of hitting the cabin of the Nihola.  Fortunately, by this time we were at the light at the corner of Riley and Campbell Streets.  Another cyclist who had dismounted and was crossing the street turned around to hear the shouting and said to the driver, "Thats why you have the job that you do.  Idiot!"  The name of the ice cream company was Casadel.com.au.  I shouted, "Casadel.com.au.  I'll give them a call today to report your terrible driving."  before the lights turned green. We arrived at school without further incident but my kindergarten daughter asked "why was that man was being so mean?"  I said, because some people are just not very smart and don't know how to drive in our neighborhood.  

So, I returned home with our 9 month old, put him to bed and called Casadel.com.au and reported the incident.  I also found out that a BYSTANDER had rung earlier to report the incident.  Lucia at the company said that someone else had reported the driver.  How nice!  I live in the village of Surry Hills!  So, thank you bicyclist who had crossed the road and thank you BYSTANDER who rang the ice cream shop to report the reckless driver.

It's good that I know how to shout from the diaphragm.  I've never had such a problem before.  I consider myself lucky. 

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Good work all of you!!

I wonder if there were consequences for the driver.

Yes, nice work! Even if it's just a stern talking to, he'll think twice about doing it again!

I'm sorry that you had that experience, but very awesome to have such great neighbours in your hood. 

I have done this in support of people being bullied in public (no matter what they're doing) and I hope most people would do the same. Most people are good. Some are indifferent and a minority are sociopathic.

What an idiot!  Did you get a good response from Casa Del?  The Casa Del Gelato factory has always been one of the stops on the annual Chocolate Ride, so if the company didn't respond well, we can take them off the itinerary and they can lose the promotion opportunity and 50 customers per time.

Mmm chocolate ride :-)

These places get repeat visits too from us, so the sales loss would be more than on the day.

I spoke with the GM and they said that they spoke with their drivers directly as a result of my call.  Apparently, all drivers at Casa Del have been informed...

I hope Casa Del is better than Aussie Post. After one email acknowledging my complaint Australia Post washed their hands after one of their drivers hit and ran me. Had the full plate and vehicle number details, time details everything. Reported to police 1 hour later and they didn't want to know either. I could have pressed it but seemed to be no real point. After he hit me later down the road he then accelerated and brake checked me again too. It was really aggressive and very premeditated for some completely unknown reason. Brain snap stuff.


I see the same van still on my commute with same plate, but unsure if its the same driver. I just stay the hell away.


But I took a lot of solace from that. Why? 3 (THREE) cars chased the van and tried to get him to stop. One a new BMW, and others did stop to ask me if I was ok.


After that I have a camera on 24/7 while commuting. Maybe its a comsic effect of same but nothing like that has happened since (I was then and am still lit up like a Christmas tree resplendent in flouro).


So yeah, despite the idiots, there often is just genuine decent people out there, regardless of their transport mode.

Recalcitrant cops should be chased up with supervisor, duty officer, local area commander yada. As we have written before.


Good the nice people were responsive, that's reassuring.

If only Scruby would wake up and realise...

Hopefully the driver will think twice before opening his mouth again, (if he still has a job), it's a pity the police weren't behind him at the same time. I'm glad yourself and others reported him instead of being ignorant to the situation.

Excuse my ignorance though, as a chocaholic and living in the macarthur region when and where is the "chocolate run"? it has me intrigued.............

I consider myself lucky. 

Which is sad, as luck should have nothing to do with it. :-(

I fully support the suggestions here that (a) we follow up with the company and (b) 'suggest' to them that we may not wish to patronise them en masse in future.

Oh, and I'd add my own suggestion - that we have another Chocolate Ride ASAP! (It's nearly Easter, after all...)


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